Cookbook Countdown! ;-)

I’m type, type, typing…. away!!!

cover crop

I’ve made the end of February, my deadline for finishing my newest cookbook (print and Kindle/eBook versions):

The Groovy Green Kitchen II: Simply, Super, Supper Soups

I think I can still reach my time goal; I am on the home stretch. 😉

I don’t know why this particular book project has taken me sooooo long to complete.

But right now, I’m just focused on the fact that it IS almost complete and that’s a good thing! 🙂

In the meantime, I am having a free Kindle promo this weekend for my other GGK cookbook:


The Groovy Green Kitchen I: Weeknight Veggie Slow Cooker

It will be available as a free Kindle/eBook download, all this weekend (Feb. 20-22) at:, .ca, UK….


And here’s a sample soup recipe from the GGK II:

Southern Nights Slow Cooker Veggie and Sausage Gumbo…

….to get your taste-buds ready for the full collection. 😉

In addition to lots of great soups in this new book/eBook, there’s a variety of side dishes to go along with them. 

Wish me luck for finishing “on time” and happy weekend, G 

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  1. Reblogged this on My Poetic Path and commented:

    I’m typing up a storm here!!!
    Happy Cooking and Happy Weekend. 🙂

  2. Good luck, Geraldine in finishing your book. Hope all goes well and on target for you. Super soups sounds like a yummy idea! 🙂

  3. Hey Geraldine! So happy to hear that you are working on #2! I bet it is going to be lovely! 😀

  4. The cover looks great.

    I know all the recipes in this new book are delicious because I’ve tried them all already. Congratulations on this new book in the Groovy Green collection.

  5. Thanks Carol! I know that you know all about finishing a book. 😉 Exciting, I love it!

    Thanks Julianna, I hope you like this collection as much as the first GGK! 😉

    Yes Joe, I’m happy with the cover too. Soups are tough to photograph, but I think this looks good with the gold cover around it. I like the text choice I had for this one too. And yes, you’ve been an excellent tester along the way! 😉

    Happy Cooking, Reading and Weekend, G

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