8 Benefits of Yoga – Infographic

I ♥ yoga for all these reasons and many more.

Do you practice yoga on a regular basis?

Have a happy, healthy week. 🙂

Health Secrets of a SuperAger

I was fortunate enough to get involved with yoga about 30 years ago when I was dating a woman who also taught yoga. I practiced religiously for years after she and I had gone our separate ways. To this day, I am grateful for learning how to still my body and reduce my stress by the simple practice of controlling my breathing. As you can see from the infographic below there are profound benefits to doing yoga. There is also a good section on myth-information about yoga.


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9 responses

  1. I really must try yoga!

  2. Thanks for the reblog, Geraldine. Glad you could use it.

  3. I love yoga. I have been practicing its many forms for almost 15 years and so I must have done the poses thousands of times and yet I never get tired of doing them. Yoga is food for my spirit and mind and has the bonus of working my body. 🙂

  4. I like doing yoga too. There are so many benefits from doing yoga. This is a good chart to clear up some myths too.

  5. Convincing. I should do yoga.

  6. I love yoga! For some reason I love to do it more in the summer though since it’s too cold here and we have to wear many layers. It just doesn’t feel the same with sweaters on…haha

  7. Lady Fi, I think you’d love yoga! 🙂

    And thanks for sharing such a great chart Tony, very informative.

    I feel the same way Carol. 😉

    I’ve been doing yoga (on and off) for about 20 years. I’ve quit along the way a few times but always miss it. This last time I went back to yoga, I made a commitment to keep it up from now on. It is SO helpful, in so many ways.

    I really like this chart Joe!

    Give it a try Edgar, you’ve got lots to gain and nothing to lose!

    I like yoga year round but I agree, sweaters and yoga don’t mix GenKitty! 😉

    Have a healthy, happy week, G

  8. I like peach and strawberry yoga.

  9. Teeheee…you are such a hoot Carl! 🙂

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