Product Review: ShaSha Co. Organic Buckwheat Snack (Cocoa and Vanilla) :-)

ShaSha Organic Cocoa/Vanilla Buckwheat Snacks, 6oz (170g)

I’m always on the look-out for new snack ideas that are tasty, filling, preferably all organic and with a good or better than average ingredient/nutritional list. Happily, I found a new snack item recently that fits all that criteria. 🙂

ShaSha Co. Organic Buckwheat Snack(s) are crunchy, not too sweet, filling and have a nice cocoa kick to them too. And the ingredient list is ALL organic, I ♥ that.

I‘m trying to buy organic EVERYTHING these days, 😉 but when it comes to snack items, an all organic ingredient list can be hard to find. 

Here’s the nutritional info:

I love that organic buckwheat groats are the main ingredient.

Buckwheat is a very healthy food, you can read more about it here, and at many other sites online.

These snacks are also gluten free and IMO, reasonably priced at Amazon for less than $6. for a 170G bag. Considering the organic ingredients, not a bad price at all. 

I’m going to give some of the other flavors in this snack line a try too. I’ve previously enjoyed the ShaSha Co. Organic Spelt Lemon Snap cookies many times, and they definitely did not disappoint with these snacks either! 😉

Stop by the ShaSha Co. website (they are Canadian!!!) to read about all their other products and many positive initiatives too. 🙂

Happy Snacking, Weekend and Week Ahead! 

PS: If you have any fav organic and/or healthy snack suggestions to try (sweet or salty) please DO share! 

5 responses

  1. Great find, Geraldine! Gluten, diary, egg free with fiber and protein, NICE! My current fave snack is blueberry dark chocolate. YUM!

  2. I like these too, they are delicious and filling. And yes, it is hard to find all organic snacks. Great review.

  3. Sounds delicious! My daughter and I have just discovered the delights of making our own chia pudding!

  4. Thanks for sharing your new fav snacks Angie, they look interesting! 😉

    I agree Joe!

    They are delish LadyFI. Chia pudding…now that I haven’t heard of before. chia seeds are showing up everywhere these days though.;-)

    Happy Snacking and Week, G

  5. PS: Just found another delish organic snack yesterday: Qia Superfood Bars:

    really tasty, all organic and not too sweet too.

    I’m going to be buying those on a regular basis too! 🙂

    Happy Snacking and Week, G

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