How Has Your Summer Been So Far???


Wow, did the last two months fly by or is it just me? 😉

I can’t believe that September is just around the corner already.

But IMO, that’s a good thing ’cause my fav season is autumn. 

I hope you have all been having a wonderful summer so far. And it’s not quite over, is it? 😉

How has your weather been? It’s been a VERY dry, hot summer here in BC. 😦

I’m still busy with summer “stuff” right now but have some post ideas and reviews in the works that I hope you’ll enjoy.

I hope to be back to regular posting (and blog visiting!) in the next couple of weeks.

Have an awesome week!!!! G 

7 responses

  1. It’s been cool and rainy here, but late summer is turning out to be warm!

  2. Geraldine, we’ve been having the hot dry BC summer here on the Island too. It’s the first time I’ve experienced a severe water restriction, but thankfully we have a drip system and lots of shade—so the garden still has some green patches. 🙂
    Blessings ~ Wendy

  3. North Carolina can be as hot as Florida but much cooler evenings. Missed the beach and the condo swimming pool. Learned the way to all the doctors father and me need and found dentist too. Learned the way to bank, pharmacist, grocery stores and found a “I’m in heaven” art and craft supply store. Good I am here as son in transition and will need my financial support and advice with challenging matters. September will mark 3rd year since mother’s death and what would have been parent’s 70th wedding anniversary. Found a good Presbyterian church and a Masonic Lodge. Daughter, boyfriend and three kids will be here 2nd week of September. Got back into a moderate exercise routine. Very few new cartoon ideas this last couple of months and getting ready to experience my first North Carolina fall. All in all it’s been a good summer and hopefully the last move I make.

  4. I love autumn too. This is such a beautiful photo but it’s not looking like that here, right now. It’s been much too hot and dry.

  5. Thanks for the like via Kev’s Great Indy Author’s blog, Geraldine. Glad to connect! It’s still pretty hot here in the Arizona desert. Temps will fall by the end of October 😀

  6. It’s good to hear from you, Geraldine. I trust you and Mr. Cheddar are doing well. This whole year has gone by much too quickly. We’ve had rain now and then, but mostly dry. We’ll be moving into the more active part of Atlantic hurricane season, so we could see a lot more water.

  7. Lady Fi, WAITING and waiting for the rain to fall here. The air quality right now is terrible with the fires in the area causing a thick haze. 😦 Rain is forecast for today, so here’s hoping!

    Good luck with your blog move Wendy and I hope the rest of the summer is a good time for you in other ways too.

    Sounds like you’ve been very busy Carl. I’m glad your new home with your dad is working out and you are finding your way around your new area! Always a lot to adjust to but I’m sure it will be worthwhile in the long run. Hugs to you and your dad. 🙂

    The photos I’d take now would certainly NOT look like this Joe, I agree. 😦 This is one of my fav file photos of the lake in greener days though. 😉

    Yes, what a fast year it’s been Patti, I agree. Time really has been flying. Loved the horse pics at your blog this a.m. so cute!!!

    Great to connect with you Angie and welcome to Veggies! Let’s keep in touch. 😉

    Hugs and Happy Weekend to All, G

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