Wheat Germ Cookies from King Arthur Flour

wheat germ cookies 2

As you can see above Gingerbread Man is weighted down big time with cookies at the moment! 😉 That didn’t last long though, these cookies disappeared fast from his ample belly!

I’m a big fan of wheat germ in all kinds of baking. 

Wheat germ is a concentrated source of iron, B and E vitamins and protein. Also contains several trace minerals. Tastes great too.

What’s not to love? 🙂

I’ve made these Wheat Germ Cookies from the King Arthur flour site many times and they are consistently delish.

And oh so easy to make. The “hit” of nutmeg makes all the difference, don’t leave it out! 

As with most recipes, I did a bit of personal tweaking:

-I toasted the wheat germ slightly, before using.

-Added a 1/2 C. of toasted coconut to the mix.

-I rounded the whole wheat flour to 1 C.

-Cut back on the sugar to 1/2 C.

-Made larger cookies, about 30.

All optional changes  the recipe is good just as given on their site too.

Happy Baking!

8 responses

  1. I wish I had the desire or even the inclination to bake, but I don’t I have no interest in baking or cooking or anything…well at least I’ve become interested in decorating again did you see my new living room, you’d like it no more boring beige. If you want to see it it’s on yesterday’s two cats and a half…..I will send you an e-mail because I think I’m getting better…

  2. Yum!!
    I have wanted to try King Arthur Flour for some time now. Have you tried their gluten-free version?

  3. Cute post. These cookies are delicious but I’m glad you tweaked them a bit, even better.

  4. Hi Lorraine, I think baking is close to the top of the list for relaxing ways to spend time but we’ve all got our likes and dislikes. Eating the results is kind of fun too, within reason. 😉 I’m glad you’re pursuing some of your past hobbies, that’s great.

    Hi GC, No, haven’t tried any gluten free baking so far. Never looks that appealing in pics and I’m not gluten intolerant so it doesn’t really interest me at this point. But i know a LOT of people are forgoing gluten in their diets, for health reasons.

    Hi Joe, Yeah, Gingerbread Man does add some fun! 😉

    Happy Baking, G

  5. Well lately I’ve been eating these new small cans of tuna with different flavours, like hot chili, lemon, tomatoes, basil and something else, all kinds and they’re so delicious this and greek yogourt with strawberries or they’re very delicious Key Lime oh lala
    and this cheese that is lactose free and very low fat, not that I have a problem with lactose, but that’s my menu…I can’t stand anything else, weird

  6. But no cookies L! How is that possible. 😉 I’d go easy on too much tuna though, it’s all got mercury in it. 😦

  7. couldn’t you add wheat germ to other cookies like oatmeal or peanut butter as well, never tried it but wondered if you have?

  8. Hi Type, Yes, I think you could add a small amount of wheat germ to a lot of different foods but with this recipe, the wheat germ is one of the main ingredients and it’s nutty, delish flavour (toasted) shines through. I think you’d enjoy these cookies!

    I love your avatar image btw.

    Happy Baking, G 🙂

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