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Wheat Germ Cookies from King Arthur Flour

wheat germ cookies 2

As you can see above Gingerbread Man is weighted down big time with cookies at the moment! 😉 That didn’t last long though, these cookies disappeared fast from his ample belly!

I’m a big fan of wheat germ in all kinds of baking. 

Wheat germ is a concentrated source of iron, B and E vitamins and protein. Also contains several trace minerals. Tastes great too.

What’s not to love? 🙂

I’ve made these Wheat Germ Cookies from the King Arthur flour site many times and they are consistently delish.

And oh so easy to make. The “hit” of nutmeg makes all the difference, don’t leave it out! 

As with most recipes, I did a bit of personal tweaking:

-I toasted the wheat germ slightly, before using.

-Added a 1/2 C. of toasted coconut to the mix.

-I rounded the whole wheat flour to 1 C.

-Cut back on the sugar to 1/2 C.

-Made larger cookies, about 30.

All optional changes  the recipe is good just as given on their site too.

Happy Baking!

What’s a Burger Without a Great Bun??

With BBQ season just around the corner, I’ve been thinking about burgers, hot dogs, buns…and healthier alternatives for all of them.

Today at my product review blog, I’m posting a review of Sol Cuisine Mushroom Rice Burgers.

This was a product I liked  until I received an email from their company yesterday, with some “details” about their production process that I am NOT impressed or happy with.

Stop by My Real Life Reviews to read the full review. Suffice to say, sometimes even reading labels and checking information online is NOT enough. 😦  This company has lost a long-time customer, that’s for sure.

On a more positive note, it’s definitely doable to make a lot of the “basics” like veggie and (yes…) meat burgers and buns to go with them, from scratch.

These are my all-time fav burger buns:

Bread-Machine Rosemary Flax Buns


and not just because they are my own recipe. 😉

If you’ve never made your own burger and hot dog buns, this is definitely an easy way to get started. And if you aren’t a fan of rosemary, you can definitely leave it out.

A burger is JUST a burger, without a great bun to go with it!

I’m amazed at how many people who seem to be so particular about the burgers they buy or make , spend lots of $$$ on all sorts of toppings, but don’t pay any attention to the quality of buns they use; usually ending up with the cheapo, white-bread, soggy kind  that are absolutely tasteless!

It’s not right and it’s not necessary. 😉

Here’s the link to the complete recipe for these delicious and oh so easy to make buns

If you give these buns a try, do let me know how you like them!

And on the topic of all things burger, what is your fav, absolutely MUST have topping ?

Mine is: dill pickles, sliced very thin and lots of them. Yummm….

Happy Baking and BBQ! 🙂

PS: On a completely unrelated topic, I am testing the waters with another blog idea (just what I need, another blog) 😉

This would be a weekly creative prompt blog.

Stop by: Woven Dreams Prompts if you’d like to know more. 🙂

Yummm….Another Chocolate Recipe! :<)

Quick and Delicious Chocolate Cupcakes

Is there ever such a thing as TOO MUCH chocolate?

IMO, no, there isn’t. 😉

With ♥ DAY just around the corner (and nothin’ does say lovin’ like something from the oven!!) I thought it was a good time to share another chocolatey good recipe from my cookbook: Not Just for Vegetarians.

This is actually a cake recipe as it was originally written, but I like to make cupcakes for (ahhemm) portion control LOL, yeah right. 😉

No, I actually just prefer cupcakes. Little personal, mini cakes to enjoy and great to add to lunches too. 🙂

***I’m including the complete recipe on page 2.***

If you do make these as cupcakes instead of a cake, reduce baking time to 20-25 minutes.

These are extra chocolatey good, with dark cocoa and mint or regular chocolate chips.

And if you’ve never made a cake with mayonnaise before, you’re in for a treat. So moist and rich.

I made 10 large cupcakes when I made these recently. And I do mean large!

Add a dusting of icing sugar or a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side if you like. No icing required.

Here’s another recently posted chocolate recipe: Chocolate Oatmeal Muffins you might want to try too.

Happy Baking !

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