More News About Power/Snack/Energy/Nutritional Bars

Here’s a recent  post from my product review blog: My Real Life Reviews with some important information about questionable processing methods/ingredients used in a number of popular nutritional/snack bars.  😦    Also includes links to some homemade alternatives for making your own snack bars that are: easy to make, healthier, oh so tasty and cheaper too.

And another “eye-opener” on this topic from: Natural News

It really is worth the time and effort to make as much as you can  “from scratch” whenever possible and for so many reasons! 🙂

If you have a good recipe for a homemade snack/nutritional bar, please share a link if you can!

Happy Snacking, 🙂  AND Buyer Beware! 😦

3 responses

  1. I don’t cook, I don’t bake, I eat anything that’s cold, but I’ve never been one for bars of any kind, I eat tuna in a can but flavoured tunas, really andmostly greek yogurt which has become my fav. dessert it has key lime, yummy and strawberries at the bottom, but only you like figs, yuk to me stay away from figs at the bottom, and some swiss cheese without lactose…I hate cooking I hate my ‘new’ old and burned out stove

  2. I really can’t imagine not cooking and baking! For me, it’s such a relaxing process, creating something special in the kitchen. My love of all things food..evolved over the years and continues. Maybe you should try something easy to get started Lorraine, you don’t need a stove for a lot of great recipes. We have a less than great kitchen set-up where we are now, and I still turn out some fab meals! 😉

  3. You always turn out fab meals. Amazing. Too bad we need to have to check so many commercial foods like these snack bars. Can’t take the companies at their word, it seems.

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