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The Many Pluses of Peanut Butter! :<)

Aren’t these yummy looking? Yummy to eat too. 😉 

  peanut butter cookies

Here’s the recipe for the Old-Fashioned Peanut Butter Cookies  shown above.

I’ve made these many times . My mom made these too. They were bliss after school with an ice-cold glass of Mmoooo….

That’s what we called dairy milk. Didn’t everyone? 😉

I’ve always been a peanut butter fan. I love it, especially the natural kind that contains only peanuts. I feel sorry for children who can’t eat this wonderful spread, due to allergies etc. It was a staple when I was a kid. Not the case anymore it seems.

But for those of us without allergy concerns, peanut butter (in moderation, it’s always about moderation isn’t it?) can apparently be good for us (and not just delish) for our  and many other health pluses too. Here’s one of many online articles, re: the benefits of eating peanut butter.

Our feathered friends apparently enjoy peanut butter too. 🙂 

Here’s an article  showing how to make a bird feeder using peanut butter.

Do you enjoy peanut butter?

Any PB recipes that you particularly like? And if you have a link to a good one, do share.

Now I’m off to make a piece of toast with a generous swipe of peanut butter; but this will be with coconut milk! 😉

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Wheat Germ Cookies from King Arthur Flour

wheat germ cookies 2

As you can see above Gingerbread Man is weighted down big time with cookies at the moment! 😉 That didn’t last long though, these cookies disappeared fast from his ample belly!

I’m a big fan of wheat germ in all kinds of baking. 

Wheat germ is a concentrated source of iron, B and E vitamins and protein. Also contains several trace minerals. Tastes great too.

What’s not to love? 🙂

I’ve made these Wheat Germ Cookies from the King Arthur flour site many times and they are consistently delish.

And oh so easy to make. The “hit” of nutmeg makes all the difference, don’t leave it out! 

As with most recipes, I did a bit of personal tweaking:

-I toasted the wheat germ slightly, before using.

-Added a 1/2 C. of toasted coconut to the mix.

-I rounded the whole wheat flour to 1 C.

-Cut back on the sugar to 1/2 C.

-Made larger cookies, about 30.

All optional changes  the recipe is good just as given on their site too.

Happy Baking!

The Best Gingersnap Cookies


This is one of my favorite basic cookie recipes.  The Best Gingersnap Cookies from Not Just for Vegetarians was a recipe that my friend Valerie’s mom shared with me and graciously allowed me to include in my cookbook.

I’ve tasted a lot of gingersnaps over the years and these always come in at #1!  Not too sweet either; just plain good. 😉


See complete recipe on page 2

Cookies and Desserts shown in photo:

 Oatmeal Chocolate Chews, Cranberry Mandarin Christmas Loaf, The Best Gingersnap Cookies, Kid’s Choice Cookies and Easy Chocolate Hazelnut Clusters

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