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Recipe: Summer’s Bounty Veg and Herb Soup

A summer recipe classic!
If your garden is overflowing with fresh herbs and veggies right now, give this soup a try.
A unique and delish combination of flavours!
Hope you enjoy the encore. : < )


Yes, I know it’s not quite ‘soup time’ yet!

I must admit, I am a self-proclaimed soup-lover (big time) and unless it’s 100 degrees outside, I still like to make a batch. Enjoying it slowly simmering to perfection, the aroma wafting through the house. Then the best part, savoring all those flavors combined to enjoy in one big bowl of yummmmm….    🙂

I’m working on a soup promotion with one of my favorite health/recipe organizations online, for  their upcoming fall features (will keep you posted!). At the same time, I’ve been creating and ‘tweaking’ some new recipes and this soup was one I put together last week.

The results were: hearty, satisfying, very colorful and delicious. Summertime truly is a great time for making veggie soups and I took full advantage of as many fresh garden (wish it was ours!) vegetables and herbs as I could, to add to the pot. Hope…

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