Recipe: Summer’s Bounty Veg and Herb Soup

A summer recipe classic!
If your garden is overflowing with fresh herbs and veggies right now, give this soup a try.
A unique and delish combination of flavours!
Hope you enjoy the encore. : < )


Yes, I know it’s not quite ‘soup time’ yet!

I must admit, I am a self-proclaimed soup-lover (big time) and unless it’s 100 degrees outside, I still like to make a batch. Enjoying it slowly simmering to perfection, the aroma wafting through the house. Then the best part, savoring all those flavors combined to enjoy in one big bowl of yummmmm….    🙂

I’m working on a soup promotion with one of my favorite health/recipe organizations online, for  their upcoming fall features (will keep you posted!). At the same time, I’ve been creating and ‘tweaking’ some new recipes and this soup was one I put together last week.

The results were: hearty, satisfying, very colorful and delicious. Summertime truly is a great time for making veggie soups and I took full advantage of as many fresh garden (wish it was ours!) vegetables and herbs as I could, to add to the pot. Hope…

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13 responses

  1. I love a good vegetable soup and winter will be upon us shortly.

  2. That looks so tasty! I live on soups and stews during the fall and winter. I’m going try making this very soon. It may be warm during the day but the evenings are getting to be quite chilly. A good book and and a cup of soup on a chilly evening – nothing better than that! 😀

  3. this delicious soup has a be in it and thisnew laptop is so so aggravating oh man

  4. Hi LFFL, Welcome to Veggies…and thanks for your comment!

    Hi Lady Fi, I agree, wish I had some right now. 😉

    Hi Jackie, Let me know how you like this recipe. It’s wonderful especially if you have access to a veggie garden but this time of year, the farmer’s markets are brimming with green goodies too. I can’t wait to make this soup again. It’s going to be featured in the second Groovy Green Kitchen cookbook too!

    Hi Lorraine, I’m sorry you’re having problems with the new computer Lorraine. It’s never fun transitioning to a new one but afterwards, it will be great. All shiny and new! 😉

    Happy Cooking and Weekend, G

  5. I’m a soup-a-holic, Geraldine, so this looks fabulous! Yummy! I’ll be keeping this recipe handy. 🙂

  6. I’ve had this soup many times and it’s always delicious. Best of all when you can use garden veggies. Yummy.

  7. It sounds and looks wonderful, Geraldine. I wish I could taste some… alas I can no longer take hot drinks or soup. I could change to cold soup but hubby wouldn’t like it so it hardly seems worth the bother. Sad, because I miss my soup.

  8. don’t you worry I’m getting there and that was suppose to read BEE in the soup lol

  9. Thanks for sharing. I love soups any time of the year. Fall especially, I’ll have those hearty barley soups my wife makes for me when it’s cold and windy outside. I love soup season!

  10. Hi Kim, I know you’re an avid gardener so this is definitely a soup you’ll want to try. So wonderful to use up that harvest and enjoy the same day!

    Hi Joe, I’d like a big bowl right now! 😉

    Hi Val, Oh that’s so sad about no hot foods. 😦 I’ve never heard that from anyone before, maybe a tooth sensitivity? Not to pry, just sounds unusual. I love cold cucumber and gazpacho though. 😉

    Hi Lorraine, Aren’t these cute dishes! Your comment made me smile.

    Hi Jack, Soup season is all year long in my books. I hope you’ll give this recipe a try too.

    Happy Week, G

    PS: Book launch post coming up in the next few days! Woo hooo.. stay tuned. 🙂

  11. jenmuddybootdreams

    I like the cold soups at this time of year, kind of like easing into soup season all over again.


  12. sounds like a pretty good soup me…it is cooling down here pretty quick this year so i am more likely to go for a warm soup for sure…smiles.

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