Taaa…daaa…Mr. Cheddar’s Meowsings! :-)

Mr. Cheddar is now a published feline! 😉


Mr. Cheddar’s Meowsings!

Mr. Cheddar and I are very happy to announce the publication of his first ebook:

Mr. Cheddar’s Meowsings!

Kibbles of Wisdom from a Wise and Witty Feline

Here’s the description of what this furrrry new ebook is all about, from the Amazon site:

Mr. Cheddar serves up his own unique and flavorful blend of feline tummy-tickling humor and puuuurfound kibbles of wisdom throughout the pages of: 
Mr. Cheddar’s Meowsings! Kibbles of Wisdom from a Wise and Witty Feline
Color photographs of the ruggedly handsome Mr. Cheddar are featured throughout this book, purrrfectly complimenting his wise and witty words.                                                                                                              
Catty Topics of Note Include:                                                                                                   
  • advice for the lovelorn (applicable for felines and humans)
  • dealing with difficult neighbors (only humans, of course)
  • kibble quality control (never, NEVER let it slide)
  • disciplining humans (they can be taught, with time and patience)
  • litter box humor (snort…)
  • napping etiquette (there is a right way to do everything)
  • grooming suggestions (gilding the furry) 
  • aging disgracefully and loving it (heh, if you’ve still got it…)
and munch, munch more…
Mr. Cheddar is currently furrrrriously pawing more litterary masterpieces, with minor assistance from his Meowmie: Geraldine. 
He scoffs at the need for any type of human help, but with such big, manly paws, typing can be a challenge at times, for the otherwise incredibly gifted Mr. C. 
And for Mr.Cheddar: furrrrbulous, feline words of wisdom and witticisms happily flow like a never-ending bag of premium kibble!
And speaking of Amazon,
Mr. C and I were thrilled to note his new ebook on  three, Top 100 paid lists at Amazon.ca, this morning. We only added it to the Amazon sites, late yesterday.  

Available at all Amazon sites.

Happy Reading and Week from:

Me and (published feline) Mr. C!!! 😉

Dec 6 15 Mr. Cheddar Amazon ca first day

15 responses

  1. Reblogged this on My Poetic Path and commented:

    Taaaa…daaa…Mr. Cheddar is now a published feline!

    It was a puuuurect way to start the week. 🙂

  2. Way to go Ched. You are a wise and witty cat and the book is fantastic. Lots of laugh and wisdom too. I’m sure this is the first the book of many books to come for you.

    Your meowmie was a big help too, wasn’t she?

  3. Congratulations, Mr. Cheddar! You handsome kitty!

  4. Whoot!! Congrats to Mr Ched!

  5. Woo hoo!!! Congratulations Mr. Cheddar!!!

  6. WOW! Congratulations, Mr Cheddar, I’m impressed! You look so wise and I’d love to read your book, if only I had Visa… 😦 Pawkisses for Good Luck my furriend 🙂 ❤ ❤

  7. It WAS the purrrfect way to start the week Meowmie, I agree. But how could you be surprised about the TOP 100 lists? 😉

    I thought you’d appreciate my first (of many) books Pawmie, especially that dedication. See, I didn’t forget to mention you, did i? Snorttttt….

    Thank you Bachelorette and feline pals!!!

    And you too Genkikitty!!! 😉

    Thanks Auntie Teri, I hope you’ll enjoy reading my book real soon! I think you’ll like it a whole big bunch. 😉

    And thank you Angel. Oh, you must get a MC or Visa! All that online shopping just waiting for your clicks!!!!

    Hugs and Headbonks to my feline and human pals, you all rock!!!

    The furrrbulous, wise and witty and OH, so handsome, Mr. Cheddar

  8. Awww! I plan to purchase this book, and it will be worth it just for the sweet pictures, although of course I can expect lots of witticisms. The boys send their congratulations, too!! Headbonks of course!

  9. Original and creative. I put on my twitter, facebook and google.

  10. linkedin and pinterest too.

  11. Brenda, Nice to “see” you again here at Veggies…

    Yes, lots of gorgeous Ched pics AND his own special kibbles of wisdom and wit. I think you and the lads will enjoy it a lot! 😉

    Thank you Carl, most appreciated! 🙂

    Hugs and Headbonks, G and Mr. C

  12. A-paws! How purr-fect! Big congratulations.

  13. Oh Meow we will have Dad read us your book at bedtime Mr Chedder
    So glad to meet you. We saw you at our friends Lil Binkys Blog Angelwhisper2011
    Meowy Christmas to you and yours new furind
    Timmy Dad and Family

  14. Thank you Lady Fi, A-paws…we love it!!! 😉

    Thanks for the mention at your blog Angel. You ARE an angel. 🙂

    Welcome Timmy. Cheddie and I are so glad to meet you too. And we hope you’ll love Mr. C’s new eBook.

    Happy Reading, G and Mr. C!

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