Free Ebook: How to Knit Socks

cabled footies 2

If you ever wanted to try sock knitting but were intimidated by the process, you might want to check out this free ebook/doc from Interweave:


I looked it over and it seems to be very well explained.

I already knit socks and love it! It can be  a bit daunting the first time around but what fun when you learn to turn the heel and after that, it’s piece of cake!

And there’s nothing nicer to wear on your footsies than handmade socks. A great gift idea too, so special.

Hope this is helpful


Happy Knitting!

PS: If you’re a crafter, do share what you’re making right now, I’d love to hear about it! 🙂

PSS: The socks in the photo are a pair that I made, not from this tutorial.

A bit more than you’d probably want to tackle for a “first sock project”. 😉

PSSS: If you already are an experienced sock knitter, click through to check out this gorgeous sock pattern from Willow Yarns.

Wow, I don’t know if I’m up for that much of a challenge, but I sure like how these look!

9 responses

  1. Those look very comfy. You are so talented G! 😀

  2. You could make these difficult ones, you are such a good knitter. You should make these ones from Willow, they are very nice.

  3. Gosh it’s years since I knitted socks. I didn’t realise people still did it.

  4. WEll you know my experience I’ll have to look it up….imagine me knitting socks that don’t look like a scarf, every attempt turn into a scarf or a small square of something, I use it to dust lol

  5. Very industrious of you but somehow, I just can’t see myself knitting socks. Stores have such good ones anyway 🙂

  6. Hi Jackie, Thanks friend! And ditto back to you, re: talented! The socks in the photo have been worn a LOT, very comfy indeed. 😉

    Hi Joe, I’m intrigued by that Willow pattern but I’ve got a gazillion other projects I want to make and finish first. Never enough time…

    Hi Val, Sock knitting IS very popular. There are so many people knitting now, young, old, men, women…it’s really made a big comeback. I bet you made some beautiful socks!

    Hi Lorraine, Like I said before L, you should look into joining a knitting group. I think you’d find it relaxing and a lot of fun if you gave it a try. Knitters are fun people! 🙂

    Hi LL, Oh that’s not the point at all, the process is a big part of the enjoyment. It’s so cool how the shape of the sock develops, especially turning the heel. I like a challenge (all kinds) and sock knitting definitely provides one. And then to have handmade socks takes covering your tootsies to a whole new level. 😉

    Happy Crafting, G

  7. WEll Hell I bought it I feel like such a fraud lol this ought to be fun

  8. i bet they are nicely warm…though i def would have a hard time doing anything like that…ha…

  9. Well the first thing they sent me was $5,00 off something I deleted it…I thought it was free

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