My Kind of “Processing” ;<) In My Kitchen

In my kitchen, I create.
Breads to rise and cakes to bake.
Here, I stir, knead and sauté.
Spoons and knives, in happy disarray.
In my kitchen, I am queen!
Baking cobblers, date bars and other sweet dreams.
Soups and salads, lovingly prepared.
With a smidge of spice and a dash of flair.
Blissfully, I’m lost….
in heady aromas and tastes.
A world of flavors.
and delights to partake.
I am home.
Oh so free.
This truly is, where I am ME!
The stress of the day is left behind.
It’s time to create.
All problems resigned.
Pity those who can’t boil an egg.
Seeking culinary skills.
They will often beg.
The chemistry of cooking.
A wonder to share.
It’s almost like love, but with calories…
oh dear!
In my kitchen, safe and warm.
A haven…
flour heaven ?
So glad to be here.
♥ ♥ ♥   
Also posted for the June 16th, Woven Dreams prompt: Processing
“In My Kitchen”- revised  May 2013.
From the poetry collection: My Poetic Path
PS: In case you are craving a fresh-baked treat, after reading this poem,  😉
here’s the link to the recipe for these delicious scones.

14 responses

  1. ‘The chemistry of cooking.
    A wonder to share.
    It’s almost like love, but with calories…
    oh dear!’

    Love that!

  2. Beautil poetry to go with it Geraldine. You are very talented. Enjoy the cooking. 😀

  3. That looks delish I guess I”ll have to beg 😉

  4. smiles…not a bad place to do processing…and i dont mind sampling the output of that processing as well…smiles….just had breakfast made for me for fathers day…

  5. One of my favorite processes of all, Geraldine! I bet it smells yummy in your kitchen! 🙂

  6. Thanks Val! 🙂

    Welcome Sonel and thanks for your lovely comment!

    LOL Lorraine, you make me smile. 😉

    Oh, sounds good Brian. What did your guys create for you? They are lucky to have you for their dad.

    It smells pretty good in here some days Talon, I do love to cook and in a big way!

    Happy Cooking, G

  7. Yes, this is definitely you!!! And the perfect respose to processing!

  8. Love this poem, it’s great. Lots of goodies come from this kitchen, that’s for sure.

  9. Yum! I would love spending a day in your kitchen, Geraldine. Sounds heavenly delicious, and fattening. 🙂 I love homemade bread, desserts, soups, all of it. I’m sure you are a culinary artist.

  10. Wonderful poem! It made me hungry! Thanks for the recipe. 😀

  11. Hi Teri, Thank you! This was a challenging prompt for me, but I love a challenge and then voila, cooking came to mind. 😉

    Hi Joe, I try! 🙂 It’s all fun.

    Hi Joyce, Being a good cook is an art, I agree. It is a great pleasure when I create something special in the kitchen, especially a new recipe! I have a new cookbook ebook series I’m working on right now and that’s been a lot of fun too. Lots of work as well.

    Hi Jackie, You are welcome re: the recipe. These are delish scones and a bit different. Thanks for your kind words but sorry I made you hungry. 😉

    Happy Week, G

  12. Yummy processing! And such a lovely, uplifting poem! Thank you.

  13. Jorge Luis Oyola

    Thank You for Your Kind Words…

  14. I’m starting this diet and it scares me it involves cooking, why can’t they just make it freeze it and send it to me geesh

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