Another Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert


As any of my regular Veggie….readers know, I’m a big fan of non-dairy products, especially coconut milk frozen desserts.

I just posted this review of So Delicious Dairy-Free Frozen Dessert at my product review blog: My Real Life Reviews.

This product was OK, but I didn’t give it top marks overall.

If you enjoy any particular dairy-free frozen desserts brands, do share!

Happy Weekend! 🙂


6 responses

  1. I just read your review and thought it was excellent! I’m not a fan of So Delicious’ coconut milk frozen dessert but I love their almond milk frozen dessert. I think it’s the closest to real ice cream that I have ever tasted. My favorite flavor is the mocha almond fudge – the chocolate is also very good. The best though is to have a little of both! So Delicious also makes a very good coconut milk yogurt. 😀

  2. I love coconut milk ice cream…. especially the bars!

  3. We’ve never tried it! My daughter is Lactose intolerant, it might be something to have a look out for. I really like her Dairy Free Soy ice cream – made by sanitarium, It’s quite tasty – the chocolate flavored one at least!

  4. I like coconut milk frozen desserts but this one is just too sweet. It took away from the cherry flavour.

  5. Hi Jackie, Thanks for your kind words. And for the other recommendations. I’ll keep those in mind.

    Hi Rumpy, The Luna and Larry bars (also reviewed) in chocolate are my absolute favs. Yummm….

    Hi Miss Lou, Welcome to Veggies….That brand isn’t familiar, are you in the UK by chance?

    Hi Joe, I loved the cherries in this ice cream but the sugar content was way over the top. Won’t be buying this one again. 😦

    Happy Summer, G

  6. I need this stuff in my belly right now!

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