Diet Update 3: 1/2 Turkey plus gone and some tips!

In case you aren’t familiar with that particular diet lingo, a “turkey” in diet-speak is 20 lbs. I have now lost over 10 lbs. and feel really good about how my new eating plan is evolving and progressing. As I explained before in these previous posts: 

Diet post #1 and Diet post #2 this is by far the easiest weight loss plan I have ever found. It simple, effective and doesn’t require any extreme measures to succeed. My weight loss is slow by some diet standards but I know it’s going to be sustainable and that’s the real deal, in my opinion.

Some tips that are helping me along the way:

1. Think about the “add ons’ that can really add to calories taken in. I now measure oil, butter, margarine, mayo, peanut butter etc, when I’m cooking, no more “eye-balling” portions for these. It is very easy to add 400-500 calories a day if one is sloppy in measuring heavier/ calorie-rich foods such as these.

2. Not snacking much at night. Maybe an apple or a small chunk of cheese but that’s about it. With this diet it’s been very easy to cut out night-snacking because I am NEVER HUNGRY! The very best part of the Shangri-La diet. Amazing but true.

3. Plan the for the day, in terms of what I’m going to be eating for the whole day. Nothing too rigid but if I know we are going to have a heavier supper, I lighten up throughout the day on what I’m eating. Again, easy due to the no-hunger factor. I actually am enjoying food more now because I think about what I’m eating and savor every bite. 

4. Making a real effort to choose healthy foods. As I said before, we’ve always eaten quite well and for the most part, healthy foods. In my case though, the portions were just getting out of hand. Too yummy can have it’s price!

5. Have an accurate scale and use it! I weigh myself once a week now and I know it’s going to help to keep me on track in the future, having a weekly weigh-in. It so easy to chose the bigger clothes in the closet, wear casual, looser clothing and forget about the weight that is slowly but surely creeping up year after year. That is not going to happen again!

6. Plan to be physically active in ways that again are sustainable. I take a LONG walk or exercise at home for 30 minutes, at least 5 times a week. I’ve gotten slack in this respect as well but no more.

So there’s my Diet Update 3. I am sooooo happy I’ve found the Shangri-La diet and I am so glad that Seth Roberts wrote such a wonderful, user-friendly diet book. If you need to lose weight, it is definitely worth checking out. Until next time! 😉

9 responses

  1. I am glad it is working so well, Geraldine. The turkey term was new to me, and I really wondered when I clicked on. If you can make it though the time between halloween and christmas, you can do the new plan forever. These are the roughest few months of the year!

  2. Good for you! I was just in the kitchen looking for something to snack on. And I wondered what I could possibly need at this hour. I am learning that going to bed is also a great way to lose weight. Puts distance between me and the kitchen!

  3. That is fantastic, Geraldine. You must feel so good. I bet you look hot. Keep up the good work!!!

  4. Thank you so much for sharing it. Good work!!

  5. Hi SandyL, It is so easy to stay on track with this plan, I am loving it! It’s not really a diet, it’s a lifestyle change, for the better. Thanks for the encouragement.

    Hi Sandy C, How lucky you are not to struggle with weight issues. I was like that most of my life, in the past few years though, I’ve been letting the weight creep up. And creep up it did. 😦 But it’s melting away again now, so that’s a very good thing.

    Hi Sel, LOL, I don’t know if hot would apply LOL but I am looking and feeling better. Getting out clothes I haven’t worn in a LONG time and some of them already fit again, hooray. Thanks Sel.

    Hi Mr. WL, Thanks for stopping in and for your comment.

    Happy Tuesday, G

  6. Yay you! I’m so proud of you! I’m so happy that this diet is working for you and resonated well with your lifestyle and inner being! *hugs* 🙂

  7. It’s been a long time (and only a few posts) since you gave an update on how the shangri-la diet was working for you. Have you had long term success with it, or did you give up on it? If so, why? Thanks.

  8. Hello Kit, Thanks for your comment.

    This diet worked really well but these days I’m focusing on eating well, eating slowly and getting regular, sustained exercise. No real dieting. Have you ever tried this diet? If so, what were your results?

    Sadly, the author died a while back, while taking a hike close to his home back in the U.S.

    Seth was a special person, he will be missed. His mother attributed his early death in part due to living and teaching in China for several years and the contamination of water, air…over there.

  9. Hi Geraldine,

    Thank you for responding. I just started doing the SLD, and have been trying to find anyone online who has had long term success with it. I lost 6 lbs. in the first two weeks. I have been reading the Seth’s old forums for support and encouragement, but for some reason they are suddenly not available. I wish there was still a forum somewhere online to interact with others who are doing it, but I haven’t found one yet. There may be one on Facebook, but I’m not on Facebook, so I can’t access that one.

    Sadly, yes, I did read about Seth’s death. I suspect the high levels of mercury in his system probably contributed to his death. If the body can’t remove it, it will store it in various area of the body, which can cause serious health issues. I recently had a hair analysis done because I was concerned about high levels of mercy in my system (had mercury filling that were removed improperly). Thankfully, all heavy metals tested extremely low, some so low that they didn’t even register. That was a relief.

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