Several, Simple Shawls!


Easy Triangle Shawl in Fire Tweed


 This is the same shawl pattern as the one I made a few weeks ago. See post and pattern link here. This time I used up some stash Lopi Fire Tweed. It turned out beautifully. I’ve been on a blocking binge so it was great to see this and several other yarn projects completed. What a difference blocking and wool can make to a pattern!


I finally have a shawl pin, wooohooo.  😉

I treated myself to this beautiful copper shawl pin, bought at this shop on Etsy. It looks great with this new red shawl and the others too. Now, I feel comfortable wearing shawls,  not clutching at the shawl ends. LOL 

Bramble Stitch Lacy Shawl


This is another easy knit shawl, this time in a Trinity/Bramble Stitch throughout. This is from the book: The Knitter’s Bible: Knitted Accessories. This was a knitting book that I won a while ago as part of a book award.

If you are looking for an easy take-along project that works up quickly and is very versatile, this might be just the shawl. I made this in a stash yarn I had, this is a mossy-green  hemp-wool blend. Again, after blocking, it turned out so nice. These pics do not do the projects justice (do they ever?) LOL

My stash of yarns is rapidly dwindling as my knit/crochet finished items (for me and for gifts)continues to be on the increase. I like it!


   Close-up of the bramble/trinity stitch. So easy!


Another Bramble Stitch Lacy Shawl

 This one in Lion Brand Recycled Cotton yarn. I had to make this one a bit smaller, another stash yarn to use up. It looks nice though and totally different from the wool version above.


What projects/crafts are you currently working on? Do tell!

5 responses

  1. I am so glad you are enjoying this shawl pin!! I suppose now I should treat myself to a shawl!! Thanks again, Cathy

  2. Very pretty, but being a none knitter, they don’t look simple at all.

  3. These are beautiful. I know because I saw the “real thing’.

  4. Hi Cathy, I am loving the pin I got from your shop! Beautiful work.

    Hi SandyL, They are. You should give knitting or crochet a try. Sooooo relaxing, except when Mr. C gets busy attacking the yarn!!!

    Hi Joe, Thanks dear. And thanks for referring when the Ched goes yarn-crazy. 😉

    Happy Tuesday, G

  5. WOW. I have never seen a shawl pin like that before. it is lovely. You will look gorgeous wearing it.

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