Remember this Crochet Shell?



Here’s the original post from when I completed this project. It still hasn’t been off the hanger yet but with the warmer weather on the way, I do want to wear it and soon. The problem? I don’t really have anything right now that I’d like to wear it with.

I mentioned in my first post about this shell that I’d like to make a long cotton skirt in black with little pink rosebuds on it. I still would. If any of you happen to find a site that is selling a print fabric that may be suitable, please share it here in a comment. I’ve been looking but I haven’t found anything suitable to date. Only quilting fabrics so far and some of these are just too stiff or the prints are very tiny; not quite suitable for a skirt.

 Please and thank you if you can help with this search.

What summer craft projects are you working on? Do share! 🙂

4 responses

  1. You might want to look for a linen look mix. It drapes well, and quite often comes in large prints.

  2. I’m not much into fabric unless it’s quilting and I’ve not been into that much either.
    I just know you will find it for this beautiful shell.

  3. Hi Sandy, I like that suggestion. I love linen, not the ironing part but the texture and drape of it can’t be beat. Thanks!

    Hi Teri, I was so pleased with this shell but there it waits. I’m going fabric “hunting” soon, online ’cause there’s nothing much here in town for fabric.

    Happy Thursday, G 🙂

  4. PS: thought I had found the perfect fabric at a site I found this week. Linen with small pink flowers. Unfortunately, when I compared the pink to the shell it didn’t match or look right together. Ill have to wait until I can go fabric shopping in reality, and that won’t be here! I guess the shell wearing is on hold a bit longer. 😦

Thanks so much for your comments!

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