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Another Great Yoga Ebook! :-)

good day yoga

Check out my new review of:

Good Day Yoga 

(click to read complete review)

This is another keeper on my Kindle!

Have a Great Weekend. 🙂

Looks like sunny skies on the way, here in BC! 😉

How is your weather?

If You Love Yoga or Are Just Curious to Know More….

yoga book

….stop by My Real Life Reviews to read my latest review.

The Yoga Guide by B. T. Dean is one of the best books I’ve read on this topic to date.

This Ebook is a keeper! 🙂

How Do I Love Yoga….

…let me count the ways! 😉

I really, really do and for so many reasons.

Read the new review of my all-time favorite yoga dvd series at:


Even if you’ve never tried yoga before or thought you couldn’t do it, this series could definitely change your mind.

Have a great week! 🙂