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Happy October! ♥ — Bugburry Pond

via Happy October! ♥ — Bugburry Pond

I thought this was SO cute and such a fun way to start October! From one of my long time followed blogs, Bugburry Pond.

🍁Happy October!🍁

Another Yarn Color Question!

FEFI back

As I blogged about previously here, I’m planning to make another Fair Isle cardigan but have been debating about the colors and yarn I want to use.

I’ve finally settled on Willow Down in the lovely pale yellow color below, for the main color.

It’s a bamboo yarn, very soft, plushy but light-weight. I think it’s going to work out great.

What I can’t decide on are the 3 contrast colors to go with the yellow. 

As you can see above in the knit pattern, it looks good to have a definite contrast for the colors.

If you’d like to share your opinion, choose 3 colors from the 12 below, and leave the numbers in a comment.

I’d really appreciate your feedback!



For the 3 contrast colors:

DoveEgretGoosePromiseRobin's Egg

1.                             2.                              3.                              4.                              5.

6.                          7.                               8.                             9.                               10.

             Flamingo   First Flight
                11.                                    12.

Happy Knitting.

I hope I am again soon! 🙂

PS: Sorry for the wonky formatting.
WordPress would only let me go so far, with my copy and paste project. 😉