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Just checking in….

Hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend, wherever you are.

 I’m “nursing” a sore foot (again, rats) appears to be a bit sprained.

On the plus side, did make the most of my  “down time” yesterday, working on a pattern (my very own!!!) for some crochet booties. I managed to finish one bootie (not worthy of a photo yet). Not quite there, in terms of the final pattern being perfect, but pretty darn close.

It was lots of fun, I couldn’t believe how fast the hours flew by. Guess that’s why Ravelry is filled with designs from their members. Speaking of Ravelry, love the concept, I’m just wondering if I will ever find the time to participate as so many of you do. Seems to be a gazillion things to check out over there. 

Right now, I’m still a bit Ravel-Dazzled !!!!     😉

I also have a couple of new recipes to share with you,coming up next week.

One for “Wheat-germ, Coconut Cran Muffins” (too yummy).

Also, a very satisfying supper-in-a-casserole, “Green Lentil, Tomato and Veggie Bake” (colorful and delish). Do stay tuned for  those.

I’m going to be adding a couple of new categories to Veggies…very soon. One will be for New Recipes (ie: post NJFV) and also My Crochet Designs (including some that I’ve made in the past).

 My interest in crochet is re-emerging BIG TIME so what the hey….I keep seeing other people in Blogland designing their own patterns. Time to ‘tidy up’ and compile the patterns I’ve designed myself and more to follow.

Hope you will enjoy the new creations from the kitchen and the hook!!! 

In the meantime, hope you will stop by to share my latest poem at My Poetic Path: Thoughts at Twilight

I look forward to reading your thoughts too, very soon.

Now I’m off to visit some of my fav. blogs (as many as I can) !!!!

BFN, G     🙂