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Sassy Sweater Mitz and ‘Soups On’ too!!!

First of all, in the feline, totally too much fun, Sassy Sweater Girl category……paw-roll please!!!!!!!

Here’s the Fabulous Ms. Mitz, modelling her new (and already much-loved) sweater-vest:

Wow, I’m one tough cookie!!!!

Heh, what’s Big Paw doing in the background? This is my photo shoot……..and stop shaking the camera Meowmie!

Check out my sleek  and sexy profile!!!!

Sweater Mitz aka Warrior Queen

The Mitz actually PURRRRSSSS…..when I put on her sweater, she really does seem to like it a lot. She was not thrilled to be photographed but I did what I could, trying to get a few good poses to share.

She is purrrrfection indeed and I do believe, off the cute-o-meter as I predicted she would be, in this custom-made vest. Nothing like new duds to give any gal a lift, eh?    

Here’s the cat sweater and vest patterns again, in case you decide to give this a whirl. Who knows, your feline might surprise you too.

We really didn’t know what the Mitz’s reaction would be. Now she’s ‘talking’ about adding other vests and perhaps sweaters, in a variety of colors/textures to match her mood and the occasion. I do plan to make her at least one more. Her 20th birthday is coming up so that indeed is reason enough to spring for an extra-special handmade gift!

This pattern was a lot of fun, quick and easy to make and it turned out fitting perfectly, using the bit of math required in the pattern. Only change I made, I knit this vest on straight needles not circulars as suggested, so had one extra seam. Other than that, followed pattern as given. 

Do let me know if you make one for your own feline pal and what the reaction is.

Still on the feline front, saw this adorable post over at Sallee’s January 11th post re: a very soft and silky area of the feline anatomy, aptly named, Bunny Thumpers.

Mr. C wanted to be included in this post too, so I am including his ahhhhem…..other good side/end.

Mr. Cheddar’s Bunny Thumpers:

And his gorgeous oh-so-clean ‘paw pads’:

Hard to believe but Mr. C is even more enamoured with the Mitz, since she became a sweater-girl. But he does draw the ‘line in the litter’ when it comes to wearing one himself..

 ‘NO WAY MEOWMIE’     LOL!!!!!

Even though it’s been sunny and almost spring-like the last few days here in interior BC, it’s still a great time of year for soup.

I’ve been making several soup recipes, including one of my favs. from NJFV:

 Red Lentil-Veggie Soup 

I’ve been on a bit of turmeric ‘kick’ lately, trying this often forgotten spice in a number of dishes. Really adds a wonderful flavor and it’s not just about it’s gorgeous golden hue. A little goes a long way though, so don’t over-do.

I added 1 teaspoon of ground turmeric to the original recipe, also the garlic cloves and it really enhanced the taste and of course color of the hearty, quick-to-make soup.

Hope you enjoy a bowl soon (recipe at the end of this post)!

Sending Warm Wednesday Wishes to you for:

 Contentment, Abundance and Peace……

(that pretty well sums up, ‘all the good things’ doesn’t it?)

BFN, G           🙂

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