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A Mr. Cheddar Pet Peeve Post: Pet Food Storage

Mr. Cheddar here.

Yes I know, I know….I do look extra handsome in that photo, don’t I??

What can I say…The camera does  me!  😉 One of my all-time fav publicity shots. No joshin’

Well, the summer heat is finally over and I’m feeling much friskier these days.

Thought it was high time that I shared another post too and this one’s about a topic near and dear to my heart: K-I-B-B-L-E!!!!

Probably my fav word in the whole wide world.

And speaking of that wonderful word, did you know that there is a right way and wrong way to store the oh so precious KIBBLE? Apparently there are a lot of humans out there who don’t know about this most important subject.

It was brought up (no pun intended… snort) in this recent first issue of The Scoop newsletter and written by the folks over at Petcurean who btw are the makers of some of my oh so fav foods: NOW and GO! I even wrote reviews about their fine products over at My Real Life Reviews a while back.  So when they talk, I listen!

Here’s the link to the newsletter including the blurb on pet food storage and some other interesting topics. Some excellent advice for cat-owned humans and oh yeah for canines too.

Meowmie says I gotta include that about the DOGS!!! 😉

Speaking of Meowmie, she has a couple of other points she’d like to add re: pet food storage.

Take it away Meowmie…but not the food bowl, ok!!!

I was so pleased to see this article re: pet food storage as I think it’s a topic that a lot of people don’t think much about. But rancidity is a real problem if pet food is not stored properly. One of the things I’d like to add in addition to the good info. provided by Petcurean is to buy only as much food at one time as a pet will consume in a reasonable length of time.

 I cringe when I see people buying huge bags of kibble at the pet stores, for only one or two pets.

Every time the bag is opened and closed, air gets in and freshness is compromised. It might cost a bit more to buy smaller bags but it is so worth it to keep our pets healthy. And as it says in the newsletter, pouring kibble into plastic containers is not a good idea either, it should be kept in it’s original packaging and sealed tightly between feedings.

I’d like to see a zip- top added to these bags. Maybe something the pet food manufacturers should consider.

Also, watch those expiry dates and take note of any change in color or smell of pet foods. Rancidity can be a serious threat to a pet’s health.

Mr. Cheddar and I hope you find this information helpful. And do pass it along!

 Chiao (make that chow) for now. 🙂 C and G