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More Snow…with hats to wear and soup to share!

As I mentioned before, it took leaving the Canadian Prairies to find out just how much I really do like snow!!!!

NOT the COLD temperatures, I don’t miss that part of winter at all, just the snow…

Of course, the weather gods seem to be more conducive to providing piles of the fluffy white stuff, when it is COLD but that certainly is a relative thing.

Minus 10C, no problemo….minus 70C with the windchill, no thank you, EVER AGAIN.  😉

I’ve also been reading about the wild winter weather down in the U.S. at several blogs, including: Annie’s, Opal’s and Sallee’s to name but three.

Snow and ice and wicked winds prevailed……

On the plus side….a good time to break out all those gorgeous hand knit socks, scarves and mitts! Better yet, stay home and knit up a storm inside!!!

Back to my own version of the ideal winter scene….

A generous (more than a dusting) of freshly fallen untouched snow. Christmas card perfect. Minimal wind. And the opportunity to enjoy winter’s wonderland, before it’s all gone again.

Hope you enjoy some more winter pics. complete  with plenty of snow.

Also, some of my recent craft creations including another charity hat and one for Joe. Along the way, I found a very nice selection of hat patterns via some of the knitting blogs, some of them I have shared below.

A hat on a snowy day is a very good thing.  😉

And to unthaw after a long walk, what could be better than some piping hot soup. I’ll finish off with a photo and recipe for an ideal “soup for a frosty week”…. Tuscany Minestrone Soup.

First, the wintery view from my kitchen window:

A snowy pathway, heading  to the park….

The park by the lake, a winter wonderland…

The pigeons were enjoying it too….

Birds on a wire….

While others decided it was a good time to study their distant relatives…

No skating on the lake though….

On to hats…Here’s the latest one I made for my charity knitting project. This will complete a  children’s set with the mittens I had completed in January:

Same hat pattern, just bigger, this time for Joe:

Made his with some beige tweed, Alafoss Lopi, from my rapidly dwindling stash. This was leftover yarn from the cardigan I am also knitting for Joe.

Boohooohoooo…        😦 

Alas and a LACK of FO!!! This sweater is still not finished (it’s been in the works for over a year) but getting there, only the zipper and side seams to complete. Yikes, I think I missed Christmas on this one….sorry Joe! I did make lots of other nice presents though….

This very easy hat pattern, was found via Mary Anne’s blog: Miss Woolly Knits. She features many excellent patterns for smaller projects on her blog, including this lovely cabled hat and also these gorgeous handwarmers that she just completed. 

A great place to stop by, Mary Anne usually posts once a week, on Fridays (kinda like me!) and it’s always a pleasure to stop by and check out what she’s been working on and to enjoy the lovely nature photos and poetic quotes she usually also shares.

Another great hat pattern, this time from Crazy Aunt Purl’s for a very easy and versatile beret that is elegant and tres chic. Check out the photos on this one, the girls look fab, the guys (you read that right) are a hoot!!!

Along with this pattern, take a browse around Crazy Aunt Purl’s if you are in need of some real laughs, you won’t be disappointed. It’s no wonder she has so many comments (281 on one post recently!) this is one funny knit-crazed gal!!!

In case the pattern link doesn’t go to that particular pattern(I was having a problem with linking) the beret was featured in her January 31st post.

Last but certainly not least in the hat pattern finds, this one featured at Beth’s – Felt Like Knitting, the absolutely scrumptious Foliage Hat. Isn’t this a beauty? And Beth, you certainly did a great job of yours, loved the gorgeous blue you picked for this design, a LOT!!!

That’s all for hats, at least for now. I’ve been really making some progress on the stash-busting knitting and crocheting, but I’ll leave my other projects for another post. Suffice to say, my ‘hat mode’ will not be continue forever, but what a great little project they make!!!

Here’s the soup recipe and photo, as promised. Hope it helps to warm you up, after a trek in the great outdoors.

Wishing you a wonderful, abundant week !          🙂

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