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Got the Munchies??

lundberg rice chips

I’m all for healthier snack choices like: fresh fruits, veggies, seeds and nuts

But sometimes, it’s just got to be a “chip” snack to really satisfy that craving. ūüėČ

If you’ve been looking for a healthier, chip-type snack that actually tastes good, read my new review of Lundberg Rice Chips.

Happy Snacking! ūüôā

20 Great Holiday Gift Ideas Under $20 !



to use for veggies!-crop


I just posted this year’s 20 gift ideas under $20, over at My Real Life Reviews.

I hope you find the list helpful with your own holiday shopping!

Happy Holidays! ūüôā

Some Knitting/Blogging/Diet News!

Knitting News first:

¬†Here’s one of my latest finished yarn projects, Easy Lace Shrug: pattern available¬†here.











I made this in KnitPicks Serrano Shine Worsted and it really came out beautifully. I’m rather amazed that I knitted something that looks this complicated. It wasn’t really that hard to do, just had to keep focused (and Mr. Cheddar away!) on the pattern rows. I don’t know if I’ll ever make another shrug (thought it would be a bit more “coverage” in the front) but I do like how this one turned out. I think it will be very nice in the summer too, over lighter clothing. For now, I’m living in my “winter uniform” of black turtlenecks and jeans! LOL

Close-up of the pattern:


On to Blogging News:

I’m continuing to add/ build my review archives over at My Real Life Reviews. I have a lot of ideas for posts in the works, for a wide variety of products that I’ve personally used. I am really enjoying this new blog and I hope it will be a valuable resource for readers looking for all types of product reviews. Slowly but surely, the stats are going up! It takes a while, doesn’t it? In the meantime, what a great learning experience it continues to be. I am pumped about blogging once again. And it’s great having 3 blogs on the go! ¬†

Two new reviews ¬†posted today at My Real Life Reviews. Actually one for me and one for Mr. Cheddar. Hope you’ll stop by again soon.

And for¬†¬†Thursday…. some diet news:

 Just posted another diet update, this time over at My Real Life Reviews. Wooo-hooo 22 pounds GONE!

Wishing you all a wonderful and productive week.ūüôā I know mine’s off to a good start!

January Update….

Hello again! It’s great to be back to post here at Veggies...

I’ve missed¬†blogging and¬†I’m really¬†looking forward to visiting you all again soon.

As I mentioned previously, I have been working on a number of projects and goals that I want to complete for 2011. January has already been a very good start to the year.

¬†I’ve been keeping a yearly goal plan and also one for each month. January’s projects have all been checked off, except for one project to go and that should be a quickie! ūüėČ I’ve still got a few days to finish.

I really think this is the kind of goal-setting that’s going to continue to work for me. Workable and at the same time enough of a challenge to make it interesting.

So, what are some of the things I got completed and/checked off my goal list for January?

  • committed and kept to a regular exercise plan
  • chose all the poems I want to include in a collection I am working on
  • 1 crochet project (1 to go) for the crochet book I’ve had on the back-burner for too long quite a while
  • set-up my new review blog (more about that below)
  • various proposals and local projects¬†that are still in the works (again more to come on these)

So, not too shabby for a good start to the new year!

Speaking of my new review blog. It’s now a reality at: My Real Life Reviews

Hope you’ll stop by soon and often. Please add me to your blogroll: www.myreallifereviews.com¬†and do spread the word.

I’ve been wanting to start a review blog for¬†a long time. In recent months I’ve also¬†had a number of emails/requests from companies and individuals asking me if I’d be interested in reviewing their products.These requests have been¬†another nudge/reminder¬†for me to ¬†finally get this new blog up and running. ¬†I also have written several reviews in the past here at Veggies…and My Poetic Path, that I’ll be sharing over at My Real Life Reviews.

I’ve ¬†always¬†found ¬†it so helpful to check out reviews for products I’m interested in, before buying or when considering which brand/type to chose. I hope you’ll find my reviews helpful and informative. Mr. Cheddar will also be helping (natch) and has already designated himself as blog author for all products feline-related. I’m certainly ok with that!

I’m still getting use to Blogger after being with¬†WordPress for such a long time. It’s been fun and a bit of a challenge but I think the “bones” of the blog are looking pretty good. Now to get those posts¬†written and the sidebar filled up!

As my new¬†blog header says re: the products I’ll be featuring: SOME GOOD, SOME OK and SOME….JUST PLAIN BAD!

I’ll end up today with a big thanks to Ruinwen for the beautiful goodie package (which also included¬†natural soap and a scrub)¬†that arrived in the mail for me this week. I¬†was also¬†inspired to update my avatar photo after this wonderful pkg. arrived!

She knitted this lovely scarf for me and I will treasure it always: