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Isn’t this lovely? 🙂

This photo and inspiring words caught my attention as I browsed my WP Reader this morning.
And so much glorious green, my fav color. 😉

Have a lovely, memorable weekend, G

GAELS Photography Blog


“What shape waits in the seed of you, to grow and spread its branches against a future sky?”

– David Whyte

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Two Upcoming Kindle Book Promos :-)

Stop by Amazon to check out these weekend Kindle promos! 🙂

Happy Reading and Weekend.

My Poetic Path

I have two Kindle book promos coming up, both starting this Friday, January 9th:

Haiku Reflections ii front cover

On January 9, 10 and 11th:

Haiku Reflections II (The Four Seasons) 

Will be available for FREE at Amazon.com and also at Amazon.ca, UK, IT, etc…


 From January 9-15:

Laughing AT the Grim Reaper! Gems of Wisdom for Aging Well 

Will be available as a Kindle Countdown Deal (Amazon.com only) for only .99 (regular Kindle price is 2.99)


Hope you will check out both of these promos and do spread the word if you can too. 

Reviews at Amazon.com are always most appreciated too, if you enjoy any of my books/eBooks. 😉

Happy Reading and Weekend! 🙂

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Free Kindle Book Promo This Weekend :-)

Haiku Reflections ii front cover

Haiku Reflections: The Four Seasons (Volume II)

third chapter second chance cover

Third Chapter, Second Chance (a midlife romance)


Two of my Kindle books are available free all this weekend at: Amazon.com, .ca, .UK…. 

Hope you enjoy all my ebooks and do share this promo if you can!

Happy Reading and Weekend. 🙂

A Sneak Peek from Haiku Reflections II


Haiku Reflections II is now available in print and Kindle versions over at Amazon.

Woo hoo! 😉

Haiku Reflections ii front cover

I’ve posted a sneak peek from the WINTER section of the book, over at My Poetic Path.

I’m really happy with how this second volume of Haiku Reflections turned out.

Another “labour of love” and isn’t that always the best kind? 😉

Happy Weekend and Black Friday Shopping to All! 🙂

A Serenity Post

ebb tide

I was looking for some photos in the archives this morning and came upon this lovely seascape and post that features the amazingly beautiful song: Ebb Tide.

Click through to enjoy the song and other calming words and suggestions for relaxing.  We can never have enough of those, can we?

Wishing you a peaceful and restorative week. 🙂


PS: Also found this version of EBB TIDE performed by Tom Jones over at Youtube.

I had the chance to see him in person many years ago and this song was part of his incredible performance.

Photo courtesy of Flickr

A Mr. Cheddar Haiku- Groomed to Purrrfection!

grooming ched

This is a haiku/photo from last summer that I was thinking about on Sunday, when I was grooming Mr. Cheddar.

How he ♥♥ his weekly combing with his fav slicker brush.

Nails every 2-3 weeks, not so much but he’s pretty good about that too.

And in-between, he does a great job with his ahhhem…tongue. 😉

Mr. Cheddar, isn’t he purrrrfection? 🙂

A Mr. Cheddar Haiku: Still Waiting…

mr cheddar missing mitz

We went looking for a pal for Mr. Cheddar yesterday.

Unfortunately, no luck at the local pet shelter.

It was great to see that the place was almost empty of homeless pets; but no one suitable for Ched either. 😦

Hopefully soon.

In the meantime, Mr. Cheddar patiently waits.

A New Blog to Share!

woven dreams with text

A new blog is born! 🙂

Woven Dreams Prompts is my newest blog, just started this past week.

This is a creative prompt blog, for participants to post and share all kinds of creative offerings: poetry, short stories, photos, quotes, sketches…in keeping with a particular week’s prompt word or phrase.

Things got started on Sunday with the prompt BLUE  and I’m encouraged by the interest that’s been shown already.

I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and I hope there will be a lot of creative bloggers stopping by on a regular basis to share their work.

This upcoming Sunday’s prompt is TRANSFORMATION.

Prompts will be posted for whole week starting on Sunday, so plenty of time to stop by, post your work and of course visit other participant’s blogs too. 🙂 That’s really what prompt blogs are all about. The community spirit of sharing each other’s creativity.

Hope to see you there soon!

Happy Week. 🙂

Just checking in….

Hope you are all enjoying a lovely weekend, wherever you are.

 I’m “nursing” a sore foot (again, rats) appears to be a bit sprained.

On the plus side, did make the most of my  “down time” yesterday, working on a pattern (my very own!!!) for some crochet booties. I managed to finish one bootie (not worthy of a photo yet). Not quite there, in terms of the final pattern being perfect, but pretty darn close.

It was lots of fun, I couldn’t believe how fast the hours flew by. Guess that’s why Ravelry is filled with designs from their members. Speaking of Ravelry, love the concept, I’m just wondering if I will ever find the time to participate as so many of you do. Seems to be a gazillion things to check out over there. 

Right now, I’m still a bit Ravel-Dazzled !!!!     😉

I also have a couple of new recipes to share with you,coming up next week.

One for “Wheat-germ, Coconut Cran Muffins” (too yummy).

Also, a very satisfying supper-in-a-casserole, “Green Lentil, Tomato and Veggie Bake” (colorful and delish). Do stay tuned for  those.

I’m going to be adding a couple of new categories to Veggies…very soon. One will be for New Recipes (ie: post NJFV) and also My Crochet Designs (including some that I’ve made in the past).

 My interest in crochet is re-emerging BIG TIME so what the hey….I keep seeing other people in Blogland designing their own patterns. Time to ‘tidy up’ and compile the patterns I’ve designed myself and more to follow.

Hope you will enjoy the new creations from the kitchen and the hook!!! 

In the meantime, hope you will stop by to share my latest poem at My Poetic Path: Thoughts at Twilight

I look forward to reading your thoughts too, very soon.

Now I’m off to visit some of my fav. blogs (as many as I can) !!!!

BFN, G     🙂

Yarn swap, fitness challenge and a recipe too!

Wow, it’s only Tuesday and I’m finding time to do a post; that makes for a nice change!

First of all in yarn news:

 I’m wondering if anyone (or perhaps you can suggest, a site/blog) out there is interested in doing a yarn swap?

I find myself in possession of 5 skeins (100 gr./67 yards in each) of this lovely Bulky Lopi in Cordovan ( a rich burgundy shade, as in the throw photo, not purple):

I have no further use for now. I did have other ideas for projects for this yarn when I first purchased (2 bags/ 20 skeins) but decided to make this lovely throw instead:

Leaving me with the remaining 5 skeins (which can’t be returned as they were sold as a 10 skein bag/unit price).

Do let me know if any of you have other yarn you might want to swap this for and I will be happy to consider.

Speaking of my WIP’s….

 Right now, I am in need of small amounts of 2 of the contrast colors for my Fairly Easy Fair Isle, which I am making in this tweed Lopi as the main color.

I already have a solid red, still need to get a orangey-yellow shade and also a aqua/green shade to go with. The yarn doesn’t have to be the exact same type as this Alafoss Lopi but it does have to be a chunky weight in wool.

The two end colors in this photo (no longer available on Flickr) are close to what I’m looking for, but in a chunky weight yarn. This lite Lopi(as in the above photo) is too thin (I don’t want to double up strands either) and unfortunately these shades aren’t available in the regular chunky-weight Lopi (go figure)!

I’m guessing that I need about 2-2.5 oz. of EACH contrast color, to complete the pattern section of this cardigan. From what I’ve been reading on the Internet, everyone who has made this cardigan ended up with quite a bit left from the contrast color yarns they purchased.

 So, if there’s anyone out there who would love to move some of their stash (and hopefully also could help with my need for these contrast colors too) it would be great to hear from you! I’m open to considering any yarn you want to swap. The small amount of contrast colors above would only be part of what I’d be interested in.

My new blog: My Poetic Path is turning out to be a wonderful experience for me and I am so encouraged by the number of visitors already stopping by. I’m working on a new poem  to post later today, so hope you will stop in for a visit soon. I am also ‘meeting’ many other poets who blog, another real plus of this new venture.

I know I’ve said it again and again but… isn’t blogging great!!! Ya gotta do it, to get it, don’t ya????!!! 

 I still get people asking me (do you?) ‘what’s a blog’  ?

Is that amazing or what?    😉

With spring already here in BC (wow, that’s a big difference for mid-March compared to the Canadian Prairies from where we previously lived) thoughts of getting outdoors and more fitness pursuits come to mind.

Wondering if there would be an interest in starting a fitness challenge  progress,weekly log, something like that, that several of us could encourage each other, to keep going and get more fit?

What do you think?

I’d be happy to put something together, here on Veggies… if the interest was there. Kind of like a ‘I Knit and I’m Fit’ sort of project (knitting optional if this is a go, of course) and starting from now.

Let me know if you’d be interested in participating (leave a comment or email me). Thanks!

It would be entirely up to you what kinds of exercise and times per week, etc you’d want to commit to. More as a way of keeping motivated, keeping a record of progress.

Best of all, giving each other encouragement to go, go go……..even when the going gets tough, motivation lags or the weather is not cooperating!!!

 I’ll finish off with a recipe for a great ‘pick-me-up, before a walk/run treat’:

Tahini Terrific No-Bake Energy Bars from NJFV featured in an earlier post.

These delicious, nutritious bars continue to be very popular in terms of the many visitors to this post.

I have yet to find any other energy bars (commercial ones included) that provided more ‘get up and go’ in every single bite. Do hope you will give them a try.

Bonus, they taste great too and have been kid-approved!!!

Huggs and wishing you a wonderful week, G      🙂