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Popping Perfection!😁

Who Doesn’t ❤ Fresh, Homemade Popcorn?


But popping the perfect pop can be tricky.

I personally don’t like air popped popcorn. I think it’s rather tasteless. IMO, a little oil when making popcorn is worth the calories, along with a drizzle of butter to top.😉

The stovetop method (see link below) I tried recently yielded excellent results.

Follow each simple step to the letter and get ready for popping perfection.


The Pioneer Woman Popcorn 


🌻Wishing You a Happy Week!🌻

Brown Betty

This oh-so yummy photo of Apple Brown Betty stopped me in my WP tracks this morning. 😉 I want some right now.

I make a similar dessert but definitely not with that much butter or sugar. 😦 The photo did inspire me to make some soon though. 🙂 Do you have a fav Brown Betty recipe?

Have a fabulous late autumn weekend. It’s still nice and warm, here in BC. 🙂

Artsy Wanderer


Brown Betty is a traditional American dessert made from fruit (usually apple) and sweetened bread crumbs. It is similar to a cobbler or apple crisp, and the fruit is baked.  It is an old dessert, first mentioned in print in 1864.  Apple Brown Betty was one of the favorite desserts of Ronald and Nancy Reagan in the White House.  They served Apple Brown Betty at my elementary school cafeteria and I loved it.  They served real food back in the sixties and seventies!

Recipe for Apple Brown Betty from Pioneer Woman here!

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Some EASY Tips for Taking Better Food Photos!

I was doing a browse last week for tips on taking food photos with a DSLR camera.

I have a new camera I’m just learning to use right now. And food photos are something that are definitely on my list for getting more proficient and comfortable with.

I found this helpful and easy to understand tutorial re: food photography over at the Pioneer Woman site.

This is not for the pros out there. 😉

This is for the rest of us who want to get the most from our digital cameras without the steep learning curve it takes to be an expert.

And with the technology and software getting better all the time, we should all be able to take good-excellent photographs, on a consistent basis.

As far as food photography:

I see a LOT of food photos on blogs and websites. Some of them are so beautiful….all the way to “how could they post THAT” awful.

If food doesn’t look appetizing and isn’t presented and photographed in a pleasing way, why bother to post the photo? 😦

I hope you find this tutorial helpful too.

And if you have any tips that have worked for you with your own food photos, DO SHARE! 🙂