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A Stroll Down (cookbook) Memory Lane: The Purity Cookbook 1945


cookbooks! And there are some that have a whole lot of special memories attached to them too.

At the top of that list for me is The Purity Cookbook (1945 edition) that my mom and grandma both used on an almost daily basis.

My mom’s copy was in tatters from so much use. It was actually just a bunch of loose pages  in a plastic bag in a kitchen drawer. 😉 We would go through the pages together, picking out recipes and oohing and ahhhing at the tempting photos.

Here’s a couple of yummy photos from the book:

I have wanted to get a copy of this cookbook for a LONG time. I still have the pages (somewhere) from my mom’s kitchen.

But it would be so nice to have an intact copy too. 😉

 I found out about a sold copy of this cookbook over at Etsy, a while back. Sandra the terrific Etsy shop owner over at SandMarg has graciously offered to notify me, if she should happen to find another copy of this cookbook, in the future. I sure hope she can. Or that a copy becomes available elsewhere.

This seems to be a vintage cookbook that most people are not willing to part with. I’ve read several blog posts/comments about this particular cookbook elsewhere.

Do you have a favorite family cookbook?  One that brings wonderful memories to mind.

When they say “nothing says lovin’ like something from the oven” that certainly can mean all the love and great memories that a treasured cookbook or recipe can bring to mind too. 🙂

PS: A big thank you to Sandra for also allowing me to share these photos from the cookbook copy she had.