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Mr. Cheddar LOVES a Massage! ;-)

pet massage

Mr. Cheddar here…

And yes, I really DO love a good massage! 🙂


It helps me to relax and unwind, especially after a hard day of being on “bug patrol” .  And with the arrival of warmer weather, those creepy critters are starting to make an appearance. And that is where I definitely come in to keep them in check.

I’m not called FEARLESS BUG WARRIOR for nothin’ 😉

Mmm…mmm good! Nothing like a good spring fly in the tummy

But I digress.

If you want to learn more about pet massage (yes, for the D-O-Gs too!) stop by and read this article at Alive Magazine.

It’s not hard. If Meowmie can learn how to do this, anyone can, snort…..

Oh Meowmie, take it easy, I was just joshin’ 😉

Happy Weekend from Me ( oh yeah, and Meowmie too)!