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A Wonderful Cornbread Recipe/Soup too!

What is black bean soup without cornbread to accompany? Just not complete, I’d say.

I found this amazingly moist cornbread recipe over at About.com (yes, I do make and enjoy other people’s recipes ;<) LOL) and it is a keeper.

Perfect with my recipe for  black bean soup that I shared here a while ago. If you missed it the first time, here’ s the link to the recipe. And the yummy photo too:

The cornbread is delish but don’t make more than what you plan to eat on any given day. It doesn’t freeze well and dries out quickly. I’m going to make a batch later today as I’ve got this soup on the menu for tonight’s supper. I may give it a try as muffins this time.

A few personal preferences/tweaks: I usually make it in a 7″ x 11″ baking pan, instead of the 9″ square as the recipe suggests.  I also adjusted the oven temp. down to 375F. It was browning too fast at the higher suggested temp. Could be the oven here though, they all vary a bit. I also used only 2 large eggs and decreased the baking powder to 2 teaspoons, salt to 1/2 teaspoon.

And if you haven’t tried the Turtle/Black Bean soup yet, it makes for a perfect culinary duet!

 Happy Cooking. 🙂