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Thursday update….

Lots on the go!

Hope to get a post with some new knit news and a recipe to share, written in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, I hope you will stop by My Poetic Path, where I have posted a new poem and beautiful photo, dedicated to my dear mom.

Late breaking news …..                                                          

This just in from paypal. In case you didn’t think that story/post  had enough twists and turns already …..wow is this incredibly poor customer service, or what???        😦

This is part of the email I received from paypal this morning:

“The information you supplied is insufficient for us to track the shipmentof the merchandise. As a result, we are unable to grant your claim appeal at this time.
If you have any further questions, please feel free to contact us again.”

 Hugggggs to all of you and BFN, G 

Beware Auction Buddies on ebay!

I usually don’t like to spend my blogging time writing about really annoying topics or events.

Today will certainly be the exception to that ‘rule’.

After having spent over 4 MONTHS trying to get a refund for an item I ordered in good faith on ebay, I felt it was my duty to share some of my sad tale of woe and hopefully save another consumer (perhaps many, many more) from a similiar fate.

Here goes….and I will try to keep this brief:

First there was a little exercise bike like this:


Several months ago, I had read with glee that the svelte, fiber-loving  Sheepish Annie had enjoyed the thrill of staying in shape AND knitting at the same time(what a dream combo!!!!)after purchasing a similar mini-bike.

After reading all the details on Annie’s blog, I wanted one too. No more excuses not to exercise, I reasoned. Happily I pondered the productivity levels soaring, for both pursuits.

On October 26, 07, I purchased the above cycle from Auction Buddies on ebay. The description was very clear and concise, I was ordering and would be receiving a BRAND NEW bike, in short order. That’s when the yarn started to unravel and the pedal fell off, so to speak…..

Not only did I NOT receive a brand new bike, I spent the next 4 months (up until this week) trying to get someone to GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK!!!!

 In reality, the bike I received looked liked this:




Damaged, dirty and definitely NOT a BRAND NEW bike. (The reality is even worse than the photos. Several deep scratches on the controls, broken pedal, smudges on the manual, dirt on the bike in several places.)

So at this point, you think (or at least I did) it’s an easy fix. Get hold of the seller Auction Buddies and explain their honest mistake and get a refund on the way.

If that fails, there’s always paypals empty promises of resolving buyers issues should they arise. It says so right on the paypal site. I mean, what’s a woman to believe?

I won’t bore you with all the gorey details, suffice to say, this is NOT a seller that you EVER want to deal with and don’t expect much from paypal by way of a back-up plan, if you are ever ripped-off in a similar fashion.

After over 25 (you read that right) long, detailed emails, photos sent to paypal and seller, bike returned to seller…more money and energy down the drain for me, plenty of begging, pleading…..you name it, guess who is FINALLY sending me back some money to pay for this fiasco?

Give up, you were close: CANADA POST.


That’s right. Auction Buddies refused to ‘make things right’ in any way, shape or form and has continued to this day to not even bother to reply to my numerous and detailed emails. 

Auction Buddies only follow-up (via paypal) on this dispute after paypal got involved, and after I tried to work with them amicably to get a refund for the bike and my postage, was the following in late November:

“If you do not believe your item is brand new we have offered to have it exchanged for you but you will need to return the item to us so we can take it back to our supplier and have it exchanged for a new one. “

Oh, I believed alright (love that line). Why would I want to risk receiving another damaged bike, that I would again have to return, at my expense, after the first one was misrepresented on their site? No apologies, no offer of a refund just- take another chance at another bike, that’s our final offer.

Paypal, not any better. They on the other hand loved to reply to emails but offered no concrete help(ie cash back) in terms of ‘making this right’. So much for buyer protection, eh?

I was even told in February by paypal that they would not be able to help me any longer with this dispute because I had sent them an incorrect tracking number for the returned (at my expense) bike. No checking the numbers, no phone calls, just dropping me back into Auction Buddies hell, after over 3 MONTHS of …..

Trying to get my money back!

After the steam stopped coming out of ears…….I verified the Canada Post tracking number with paypal (which I had sent correctly the first time, not my error at all) they graciously LOL decided to consider ‘appealing’ my case, at that point.


From my paypal page as of tonight:

Feb. 4, 2008 PayPal Case under review


OK, that was on February 4th. Auction Buddies never helped. Paypal never helped….. And as you can see above, paypal is still looking into this dispute as I type this! No problemo……I just need to learn how to be patient, right?

If not for Canada Post and having paid insurance to send this item back I would probably have never received a dime back for this ‘hunk of junk’ I was sent by Auction Buddies. Canada Post is now going to cover this loss to me, as the returned item has somehow magically disappeared it seems!!!

One more note re: emails. It appears that Auction Buddies doesn’t bother to answer emails from Canada Post either, or so I was told by a Canada Post rep. after they also tried to contact this seller, to no avail.

 At least the Auction Buddies  customer service team aren’t picking favorites!!!! LOL   

If you are a fan of ebay, here’s a consumer nightmare you won’t want to forget.

Steer clear of Auction Buddies  whatever you do and don’t expect any help from paypal, if you end up in a similar mess.

This is definitely NOT what I’d classify as excellent customer service;  something that both Auction Buddies and paypal  love to extol on their respective sites.

You be the judge!        😦