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Back on Track…

It’s amazing how much I missed having a computer (at home) for the past couple of weeks. I now have a replacement and it’s like having a limb returned. LOL ūüėȬ† Can you relate?

The time away from “the screen”¬†has not been unproductive though. I actually accomplished more than I had¬†expected (by far!) ¬†including “mapping out” my crochet book, which I have been hoping to create for a long, long time. I am really happy with the concept for the book (fun and informative) the projects I’ve designed already and how quickly it all came together, when I really focused on this one project. Now I am deciding on the yarns I want to use for each project and getting started on completing them. It’s a tall order but crochet has always been my first love in yarn-crafts so I think it’s going to be a lot of fun too.

I have also completed the new recipes, updates and variations for my¬†second vegetarian cookbook and have a proposal ready to send out, as of this week. Again, a project that has been a long time in the works and again I am truly happy with my work to date,¬†on this¬†venture. Cooking is a passion for me as you know, so it’s been wonderful to get back to creating new recipes.

Also in the works, my haiku calendar is now being considered by a major calendar publisher, I have been offered the opportunity to write another bi-weekly recipe column for a BC newspaper (hopefully starting in May).  Also plan to start selling a natural cosmetic/skin care line that I truly feel good about promoting, also coming up next month.

I have entries in a couple of poetry/writing competitions. Again something I haven’t pursued for a long time.

Last but not least, I have finally been able to get more copies of my first cookbook: Not Just for Vegetarians, so will also be selling these (including an online sale/promotion) in the very near future.

I’m swamped, but in a very good way! ūüôā