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A New Blog to Share!

woven dreams with text

A new blog is born! 🙂

Woven Dreams Prompts is my newest blog, just started this past week.

This is a creative prompt blog, for participants to post and share all kinds of creative offerings: poetry, short stories, photos, quotes, sketches…in keeping with a particular week’s prompt word or phrase.

Things got started on Sunday with the prompt BLUE  and I’m encouraged by the interest that’s been shown already.

I think it’s going to be a lot of fun and I hope there will be a lot of creative bloggers stopping by on a regular basis to share their work.

This upcoming Sunday’s prompt is TRANSFORMATION.

Prompts will be posted for whole week starting on Sunday, so plenty of time to stop by, post your work and of course visit other participant’s blogs too. 🙂 That’s really what prompt blogs are all about. The community spirit of sharing each other’s creativity.

Hope to see you there soon!

Happy Week. 🙂

Blogging Update x 2!

I’m focusing on my new review blog at this time, building the archives, writing posts about a variety of products…. in addition to several other off-line projects in progress. Things are going very well.

Hope you will stop by for a visit at My Real Life Reviews in the meantime.

And another Blogging  Update for  February 24th!

 I’m launching my 4th blog on Monday Feb. 28th:

Take a Happy Break! at: www.takeahappybreak.com

My way of spreading some happiness, good vibes and laughter online. Daily posts: Monday-Friday,

Hope you will stop by next week and often.

Take a break….We all deserve to be happy!♥