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Yarn swap, fitness challenge and a recipe too!

Wow, it’s only Tuesday and I’m finding time to do a post; that makes for a nice change!

First of all in yarn news:

 I’m wondering if anyone (or perhaps you can suggest, a site/blog) out there is interested in doing a yarn swap?

I find myself in possession of 5 skeins (100 gr./67 yards in each) of this lovely Bulky Lopi in Cordovan ( a rich burgundy shade, as in the throw photo, not purple):

I have no further use for now. I did have other ideas for projects for this yarn when I first purchased (2 bags/ 20 skeins) but decided to make this lovely throw instead:

Leaving me with the remaining 5 skeins (which can’t be returned as they were sold as a 10 skein bag/unit price).

Do let me know if any of you have other yarn you might want to swap this for and I will be happy to consider.

Speaking of my WIP’s….

 Right now, I am in need of small amounts of 2 of the contrast colors for my Fairly Easy Fair Isle, which I am making in this tweed Lopi as the main color.

I already have a solid red, still need to get a orangey-yellow shade and also a aqua/green shade to go with. The yarn doesn’t have to be the exact same type as this Alafoss Lopi but it does have to be a chunky weight in wool.

The two end colors in this photo (no longer available on Flickr) are close to what I’m looking for, but in a chunky weight yarn. This lite Lopi(as in the above photo) is too thin (I don’t want to double up strands either) and unfortunately these shades aren’t available in the regular chunky-weight Lopi (go figure)!

I’m guessing that I need about 2-2.5 oz. of EACH contrast color, to complete the pattern section of this cardigan. From what I’ve been reading on the Internet, everyone who has made this cardigan ended up with quite a bit left from the contrast color yarns they purchased.

 So, if there’s anyone out there who would love to move some of their stash (and hopefully also could help with my need for these contrast colors too) it would be great to hear from you! I’m open to considering any yarn you want to swap. The small amount of contrast colors above would only be part of what I’d be interested in.

My new blog: My Poetic Path is turning out to be a wonderful experience for me and I am so encouraged by the number of visitors already stopping by. I’m working on a new poem  to post later today, so hope you will stop in for a visit soon. I am also ‘meeting’ many other poets who blog, another real plus of this new venture.

I know I’ve said it again and again but… isn’t blogging great!!! Ya gotta do it, to get it, don’t ya????!!! 

 I still get people asking me (do you?) ‘what’s a blog’  ?

Is that amazing or what?    😉

With spring already here in BC (wow, that’s a big difference for mid-March compared to the Canadian Prairies from where we previously lived) thoughts of getting outdoors and more fitness pursuits come to mind.

Wondering if there would be an interest in starting a fitness challenge  progress,weekly log, something like that, that several of us could encourage each other, to keep going and get more fit?

What do you think?

I’d be happy to put something together, here on Veggies… if the interest was there. Kind of like a ‘I Knit and I’m Fit’ sort of project (knitting optional if this is a go, of course) and starting from now.

Let me know if you’d be interested in participating (leave a comment or email me). Thanks!

It would be entirely up to you what kinds of exercise and times per week, etc you’d want to commit to. More as a way of keeping motivated, keeping a record of progress.

Best of all, giving each other encouragement to go, go go……..even when the going gets tough, motivation lags or the weather is not cooperating!!!

 I’ll finish off with a recipe for a great ‘pick-me-up, before a walk/run treat’:

Tahini Terrific No-Bake Energy Bars from NJFV featured in an earlier post.

These delicious, nutritious bars continue to be very popular in terms of the many visitors to this post.

I have yet to find any other energy bars (commercial ones included) that provided more ‘get up and go’ in every single bite. Do hope you will give them a try.

Bonus, they taste great too and have been kid-approved!!!

Huggs and wishing you a wonderful week, G      🙂

WIP and other good things….

Well, after my rant re: Auction Buddies in my last post, thought I should shift gears today and return to more positive topics to write about.

I did appreciate all the clicks on this post and your comments as well. Companies like Auction Buddies are the ones that give online shopping a bad reputation.

Amen and enough said.   😉

First of the positive news, I am pleased to announce the launch of my new blog:  My Poetic Path.

As  I mentioned in a recent post, in February, I had the pleasure of participating in a writing contest over at The Clarity of Night. It was a wonderful experience, from start to finish and what a great group of participants showed up to share their writing talents and feedback.

 It felt ‘so right’ to get back to more emotional, personal and creative writing and the experience has motivated me to start my new blog that will be devoted to this type of material.

Poems, photos and short stories….most of them will be created by yours truly but I will also be sharing photos from some talented friends who have graciously consented to having me include their work, at  My Poetic Path.

 I do hope you will stop in soon and often and that you will add my new blog to your blogrolls, for your readers to enjoy too . 

Hopefully I will inspire other bloggers to reconnect with their own creative, perhaps also neglected interests.

I have let so many of my creative pursuits slide in the past few years; instead focusing and dealing too often, with what life’s been dishing out. Some-days it seems, in big bottomless bowls!!!    😦

Hopefully this will be the start of a creative and rewarding new pursuit for me and a tranquil and contemplative place to visit for my Veggie….pals and hopefully new readers too.

On to yarn tales….

Remember my problems with the buttons for my Cropped Cardigan?

Well I sure do LOL.  There’s been a happy ending to that particular yarn tale, but it took a bit of time and work to really make this a sweater that I love and will be wearing for many moons to come….

Speaking of the universe, the star buttons I had wanted to use but didn’t stay closed have now been replaced by these lovely vintage buttons, which I found after an extensive Etsy search at: Buttons Galore. (photo removed from flickr)

Do stop by: Buttons Galore, if you are in need of a perfect finishing touch in the form of lovely buttons, available in every shape, color and material you can imagine, this is definitely an Etsy shop to check out. Great service too and some free buttons added to my order as well, for future use.

I also turned the cardigan inside out to use as the right side instead. I was more satisfied with the ‘wrong’ side texture, which was more chunky(in a good way) looking and not so fuzzy. This cardigan really is going to be a fav. for me now. It was worth the extra work to make it just right!

Also cast on my March charity project, a new hat pattern, I’ll share that one soon. It’s gonna be a quickie to make!!!

How many of you are currently knitting the popular Monkey Socks? I’ve seen them over at Sheep’s and Beth’s  blogs, to name but two.

 Wow, are these beautiful socks or what? Amazing really, like a work of art. I don’t know if I’m up to the challenge of making a pair but I certainly plan to give them a try.

Cookie at Knitter’s Anonymous is to be congratulated on her wonderful and unique designs, including the lovely Monkeys. This takes socks to a whole new level, at least I think so.

And do check out Cookie’s blog, chock full of gorgeous patterns, if you aren’t a regular there already.

Still on the knitting front, I am making good progress on the Fairly Easy Fair Isle cardigan featured, here, here and here from Stitch and Bitch Nation.

Here’s my main yarn color (photo removed from Flickr)

Still need to get my contrast color yarns for the pattern sections of the sweater. I’m planning to use the mauve, red and light rust colors, featured in this tweed.

This might sound a bit ‘busy’ to be combined together, but after checking out other Lopi sweaters that also feature tweed yarns with Fair Isle patterns, thought I’d give it a try. I think it’s going to be beautiful actually, the tweed is very subtle, not overpowering when knit in ss.

 My first attempt at Fair Isle… wooohooo!!!! Wish me luck, I’m gonna need it!   😉

Mr. Cheddar and Ms. Mitz may appear to be relaxing (Mitz) and grooming (Mr. C.) below but rumour has it that they are also working on their own new blogs to host. They’ve been getting a lot of support from the feline blog community so who knows….they may be blogging more than I am, in the near future. In my humble opinion, they both still need to work on their paw-keyboarding skills though, too many typos, so far!   😉

Mr. Cheddar is considering the blog name: ‘Mr. Cheddar and the Cracker Barrel Band’. Catchy but where is the band Mr. C.????

 Ms. Mitz is adamant that her choice will be: ‘Ms. Mitz: Sweater Feline, Warrior Princess, Hot Babe with the Long Legs and then some….’

 I’ve tactfully suggested that she rethinks her choice of blog names and perhaps turns part of it into her first post LOL. That Mitzi, what a gal!!!!  

Well, spring certainly seems to be arriving fast, here in Interior BC. Hardly any snow left now and warm and sunny today.

Hopefully I will have new spring pics. to share soon (these are still ‘archive tulips’in the header) LOL, here at Veggies….and also at: My Poetic Path.

Wishing you an abundant and happy day!!! G       🙂