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Simple Pleasures: Toast, Jam and Tea!

Sometimes simple is simply the best!

I’ve been on a ‘toast kick’ lately and can’t seem to get enough of ‘burnished to perfection, golden NOT brown please’.. LOL!

Decided to ‘bump it up a notch’ yesterday and made a lovely loaf of Quickie Oatmeal Bread and Fresh Blueberry Spread, both recipes from NJFV. Well…..needless to say, between Joe and I and a few hours later, there’s just a crust of the loaf left this morning. Happily still quite a bit of jam though, to enjoy for the next week or two. I’m actually having some right now….crumbs are a gathering on the keys, but no jam so far !! 😉

I am including my quick version for fruit spreads/jams/preserves with this post.

I came up with the idea when I wanted the taste of homemade (yes, there is a big difference from store bought) jam in a big hurry, without all the fuss. The lemon zest adds a nice zesty flavor and you can have fresh preserves in less than 30 minutes from start to finish, with this quick and easy recipe.

Try the marmalade too.

‘Toast and marmalade for tea, sailing ships out on the sea…..’ 

Don’t you just love that song?

Happy Simple Pleasures!   🙂

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