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Lots of L-O-V-E and Some Valentine Treats! :-)

More Valentine’s fun!

If you like Craig Ferguson, don’t miss this one. 🙂

Have a fabulous weekend! Lots of hugs, G

PS: Any Valentine’s candy left? Some here, but it’s going down fast. 😉

My Poetic Path

love hearts

First, some Valentine cyber-sweets! 😉
And, if you like Craig Ferguson (I ♥ Craigie!!!) you are in for a real treat and a good LOL. 😉
Singing L-O-V-E from the movie Born Romantic, here’s Craigeeeeee:


(click to sing and dance along)
Hope you have a l-o-v-e-l-y Valentine’s day!

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Catty Valentine’s Day Greetings! ;-)

ched valentine



Want to Make Some Gifts for Valentine’s Day?

There’s still time! 😉

valentine's day craft book

I found this eBook over at Amazon today, with 41 assorted Valentine’s crafts, for the whole family to make.

Included in this collection is a lovely Valentine’s Day Shawl (crochet).

That pattern alone was worth the .99 this eBook cost. 😉

I also really like the:

-Sparkly Kickers

-Rose Bouquet Ball

-Valentine’s on a Stick

-Vintage Spool Valentine

I think it’s so special to make gifts for those we ♥.

Even if it’s just a special cake or card, if it’s made with  and comes from the heart, it’s worth more than any store-bought gift could ever be.

Are you planning to make any gifts for Valentine’s Day?

I hope this post/eBook will inspire you too! 😉

Happy Crafting and Weekend! 

A Serenity Post

ebb tide

I was looking for some photos in the archives this morning and came upon this lovely seascape and post that features the amazingly beautiful song: Ebb Tide.

Click through to enjoy the song and other calming words and suggestions for relaxing.  We can never have enough of those, can we?

Wishing you a peaceful and restorative week. 🙂


PS: Also found this version of EBB TIDE performed by Tom Jones over at Youtube.

I had the chance to see him in person many years ago and this song was part of his incredible performance.

Photo courtesy of Flickr

Sweets for Your Sweetie! Happy Valentine’s Day


The month in Canada that usually heralds the last, cold blast of winter. On the plus side, February is also the month of  ♥ and Valentine’s Day! And what better way to celebrate than to make some oh so easy, homemade chocolates for you and those you love.

I have quite a collection of chocolate heart boxes from over the years. Some so beautifully decorated, they are like works of art. I find it hard to discard/recycle these. So much better to fill them up  again, with yummy chocolates from the kitchen. 😉

The following is a recipe from my cookbook: Not Just for Vegetarians that was also featured in my craft book: A Year of Crafts,  years ago as a Valentine’s project. They are very easy to make but still decadent and delish. 

See page 2 for complete recipe.


This wonderful photo courtesy of Flickr


It’s February and LOVE is in the air…..

First of all, get ready for a big aaaaaahhhhh……

Here’s my big orange guy, looking incredibly handsome and striking a pose for the camera, yesterday……gets me right in the pumper!!! 

Speaking of guys I love:

Here’s my Joe, doing his best desert sheik impersonation while he was cooking up lunch for us, also yesterday. The split pea soup was delish, btw!!!

Joe has come a long way from not knowing how to cook such a short time ago. Guess I should say, he had no previous experience cooking!!!

Now, many a day/night, I get to recline on the sofa, book or knit needles in hand while my Joe creates a culinary delight.

He is also a delight, in so many ways and truly, the nicest person I have EVER known!

Love ya, Veggie Guy!!!  🙂

Here’s me and my Joe, out for a stroll in the snow, earlier this week. Better enjoy it while it lasts, the snow melts much too fast here.   😦

Here’s evidence of what appears to be a long-term truce:

Yes, the Mitz still LOVES her sweater/vest!

And finally, what could be better than a beautiful banana loaf to say…….

L-O-V-E !!!!

Yummmm…..and the delish aroma wafting through the air was almost as good as the first bite!!!

Here’s the recipe, courtesy of Martha Stewart. Only change I made was reducing the sugar by about 1/2. This is a delicious banana loaf, the coconut really adds a nice touch.

‘Nothin’ says luv- in’….. like something from……..’

Have a wonderful week and remember to hug everyone you love. A great way to warm up February.

Sending lots of huggggggs your way……

I love you all too!    🙂