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Looking for a Quick Knit Gift to Make?

kindle cover for post 1

This pattern post has been getting quite a few hits lately, based on my stats, so thought I’d feature this easy knit project again, here at Veggies.. just in time to make for Christmas.

 I made the one pictured above and am working on a couple for gifts right now too.

What I really like about this cover is not only how it looks but how protective it is too. Nice and thick because of the seed stitch used throughout, so it really cushions the ereader; unlike some of the other ereader cover patterns and even the commercial covers, that are available.

This pattern was one that I found over at Ravelry.

Laura, the designer has graciously provided a PDF of the pattern: Kindle_Cover

kindle cover for post 2

Just seed/moss stitch throughout, knitting in the round  (p the k and k the p) to form this lovely, textural yarn fabric.

I used some wool from my stash. The yarn color shown is Fire Tweed by Lopi.

The only thing I am changing this time is to make it an inch shorter than the pattern. If you decide to make one of these, measure your own ereader and make the cover (up to flap) just 1/2″ more  than the length of your ereader so it fits snugly. It will stretch a bit too, with repeated use.

Another tip, if using a wool yarn for this project, DO give it a soak in a wool/delicate wash detergent after making the cover and before using it, to soften up the yarn. I used Eucalan (click to read my review of that great product) and it softened up this yarn beautifully. Wool yarns can be a bit rough and you wouldn’t want to scratch the screen of your ereader.

Who needs to spend $20. +  for one of those generic ereader covers? 😉

And handmade gifts are always so special.  

Happy Knitting! 🙂

Need a Little Luck? Try a Lucky Penny Pouch! :<)

little purses 1

I’m swamped with projects right now but in spite of that, I’ve decided to take on another one. 😉

I started making these LUCKY PENNY POUCHES a couple of weeks ago, using yarn from my stash.

The pattern is loosely based on one I saw in the book: Odd Ball Knitting.

I tweaked it quite a bit and came up with my own version.

Purses from the left:

Rainbow Pouch, Red Heart Pouch, Pouch of Gold, Night Moves Pouch, Grasshopper Pouch

(The photo doesn’t do them justice.It was windy when I was taking this shot and the little fringes, etc.. wouldn’t stay put LOL)

I’m selling these for $10 each, plus $2. flat rate for postage (US and Canada). Postage is $2.  no matter how many are ordered.

Each pouch takes me about 2 hours to make, so this isn’t about getting rich LOL,

I just like making them, it’s relaxing and a good break from the computer.

And I like the idea of bringing some luck and a smile to someone’s day. 🙂

They are tiny, about 2″ square and each one contains a “lucky” Canadian penny.

Our pennies are being taken out of circulation here in Canada so I had to scramble around to get some saved for me at local stores.

I’m shining them up and adding one to each pouch to bring luck to the wearer (hope so). 😉

If you need a little luck in your life or know someone who could use a thoughtful, fun little gift to brighten their day,

email me at:

veggiecook    @   myway   .    com

  (with spaces removed)

Subject line: PENNY POUCH

and I’ll get back to you.

Secure payment via PAYPAL

I have lots of yarn to use, so you can pick out a color or two you’d like (or a pouch from those shown in the picture above).

I’ll do my best to find a good match if you have a specific color or colors in mind.

Neck strap can be customized to the length you’d like.

I think kids would like these too.

Wishing You Lots of Love and Luck! 🙂

A Handy Knitting Needle Guide

Found this very handy knitting needle guide and conversion chart: over at Interweave:


If you’ve ever wondered how to pick the best type of needle for a particular project, including: material they are made from, circular or straight etc…this is a guide you’ll want to have. Even though I’ve been knitting for a long time, I still picked up some good tips reading through this document. Great illustrations too.

Speaking of knitting, I haven’t been doing much with the very hot weather here in BC for the past couple of weeks.

But I did get some other projects completed, when I could find the energy. 😉 More about those soon.

How’s your weather been?

Hope you had a wonderful July.

I’m back to blogging at all my blogs now; visiting too. 🙂