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Knit (Seed Stitch) Kindle Cover

kindle cover for post 1

I recently got my first ereader, a Kindle Paperwhite as an early birthday gift. I’m an April baby! ūüėČ

I am so loving my Kindle!

In spite of not wanting any kind of ereader for a looooong time, the Kindle Paperwhite has changed my mind about ereaders and in a big way.

You can read my full review of the Kindle Paperwhite here.

I also knit a cover for my new ereader, using a pattern I found over at Ravelry.

Laura, the designer has graciously provided a PDF of the pattern: Kindle_Cover

kindle cover for post 2

Just seed/moss stitch throughout, knitting in the round  (p the k and k the p) to form this lovely, textural yarn fabric.

I used some wool from my stash. This yarn color is Fire Tweed by Lopi.

The only thing I should have changed is to make it an inch shorter than the pattern. If you decide to make one of these, measure your own ereader and make the cover (up to flap) just¬†1/2″ more¬†¬†than¬†the length of your ereader so it fits snugly. It will stretch a bit too, with repeated use.

Another tip, if using a wool yarn for this project, DO give it a soak in a wool/delicate wash detergent after making the cover and before using it, to soften up the yarn. I use Eucalan (click to read my review of that great product) and it softened up this yarn beautifully.

¬†Wool yarns can be a bit rough and you wouldn’t want to scratch the screen of your ereader.

Now my Kindle is not only fun to use, it’s also¬†protected in it’s own unique cover, when not in use.

Who needs to spend $20. +  for one of the generic covers that are for sale, for ereaders? 

Happy Knitting! ūüôā