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Back From My Trip and Playing “Catch Up” ;-)


october sunset 1


I just got back from my trip to Kelowna over the weekend and the computer catch-up continues! I thought I had cleaned things up pretty well before I left but I’m still going through waaaaay too many emails etc…today. Oh well, chipping away at the pile. 😉

I ended up getting a cold (I NEVER get colds!!!!) just when I was leaving for my trip, so the first 2 1/2 days were rather a bust. I spent most of that time lying in bed, watching old movies on TCM and sipping soup. After that, I did accomplish what I wanted to on my trip, albeit rather rushed for time. Overall though, I’m glad I went. 🙂

I’m planning some new reviews for a couple of products I tried while I was away, will share those soon. In the meantime, have a great week and if you are also battling a cold/flu…I hope you feel much better very soon. Seems that everyone I talk to has gotten or is battling a cold/flu right now. Tis the season I guess.

Hugs and Happy Week! G

Happy Thanksgiving and Heading to the Okanagan! :-)

okanagan lake

I’ll be travelling to the Okanagan area of BC at the end of this week, can’t wait!

The photo above is of Lake Okanagan, which winds through this beautiful area and apparently may be home to Ogopogo, a sea creature!!!

Maybe I’ll get to see him while I’m there. 😉

In the meantime, have a great Thanksgiving (to my Canadian readers) and a fab week to everyone!. 🙂

Photo courtesy of Okanagan.com