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UPDATE: My Heinz Bean Horror Story :-(

heinz beans update

In case you wondered what happened after I posted my:

Heinz Bean Horror Story

You can read my update here  just posted at My Real Life Reviews.

The update post includes a link to the first post too, in case you didn’t read that one. 

Do share is you can


Buyer Beware! 😦

My Heinz Beans “Horror” Story :-(


If you buy/use any Heinz products, I hope you’ll stop by and read about a recent experience I had, over at: My Real Life Reviews.

Click to read: My Heinz Beans “Horror” Story.

And please DO share this post if you can on your FB, Twitter, blogs…

It’s an important warning/heads-up about Heinz, that I hope a lot of people find out about.

As I said in my post:

Buyer Beware!!!