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8 Benefits of Yoga – Infographic

I ♥ yoga for all these reasons and many more.

Do you practice yoga on a regular basis?

Have a happy, healthy week. 🙂

Health Secrets of a SuperAger

I was fortunate enough to get involved with yoga about 30 years ago when I was dating a woman who also taught yoga. I practiced religiously for years after she and I had gone our separate ways. To this day, I am grateful for learning how to still my body and reduce my stress by the simple practice of controlling my breathing. As you can see from the infographic below there are profound benefits to doing yoga. There is also a good section on myth-information about yoga.


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If You ♥ Toast and Jam (and all things organic) ;-)


organic jam

If you ♥ toast and jam  and all things organic (like I do) this is a product you’ll want to check out! 🙂

Italissima Organic Fruit Spread is oh so yummy good, made with organic fruit from Italy and with no added sugar.

And unlike a lot of commercial jams and fruit spreads, this one is not “jelly-like” with a lot of pulverized fruit. It’s very close to good homemade jam with real fruit pieces that you can actually see! 

I’ve tried the Blackberry flavor so far and have some of the Blood Orange on the way right now, from Amazon.ca. Unfortunately, did not see this product at Amazon.com but I’m guessing it would be available at a lot of stores in the US and probably Canada too.

The company that makes this product could probably help with where to buy their products in your area, their site can be found here. They also offer several additional flavors of this jam and a wide variety of other gourmet food products.  

It’s taken me a long time to find a commercial, organic jam that I really like, but I finally did! 😉 Italissima is a keeper!

Don’t Let Toxins Enter Your Home!!!

***Keeping toxins out of our homes/offices is so important. ***

For our long-term health and for the environment too.

This post from Daily Health Central is a good reminder.

Daily Health Central

Don't Let Toxins Enter Your Home!!!

Are the toxins in your cleaners getting to you? These toxins and chemicals may make your house sparkly clean, but exposure to them may be harming you and your family. Try making your own natural cleaners. Mixing together baking soda and dish liquid will make your counter tops and bathtubs sparkle! Want more tips? Like our Facebook page and we will send you more tips for a greener clean. #naturalcleaners #organiccleaners

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Top 5 Health Benefits of Epsom Salt

**Manifest Wellness is another blog that I found about recently, that I am SO enjoying.**

Wonderful health, wellness related posts and more.

Check this one out about one of my fav footie soak additions: Epsom salt.

Sometimes simple IS better. :<)

Manifest Wellness

Anyone who has ever read my blog KNOWS that I am all about ‘Total’ Wellness: Mind, Body, & Spirit. I had heard about epsom salt years ago, although I had never really tried it for myself. Having had such a crazy week early on, I wanted to take some time to slow down. After all, it was only Wednesday at the time, and I knew if I didn’t take some time for myself, I was going to completely burn out!

I was like a lion stalking my prey, I had set out on a hunt for epsom salt. I wanted something 100% raw & organic. I did not want anything dyed/processed or with synthetic fragrances – because who knows how your body will react to such harsh chemicals? I just wanted plain & simple Epsom salt!Do you know how hard that was to find?! LOL! Initially, I went to my…

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