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Are You In For Screen-Free Week: May 5-11?

screen free week photo

I’ve been thinking about taking a week (almost) offline for a while now and lo and behold, happened to read about  Screen Free Week  a couple of days ago.

Talk about perfect timing! 🙂 

This is NOT about totally going screen free but rather not using your computers, smart phones etc…for a week, for any type of entertainment purposes.

You can read more about this global movement at:  

International Screen Free Week. 

I’m planning to limit my own computer time each day for the next week to one hour tops, just to get through essentials.

I’ve got tons of offline stuff I’ve been wanting to catch-up with, so I think this is going to work just fine.

I know from a recent computer meltdown that going completely computer- free is not all that workable anymore.The email “pile up”  afterwards was quite stressful. But I’m a fast typist so when I’m in speed mode, I can get through a lot in an hour online.

Are you planning to join in for International Screen- Free Week? 

See you in a week. I hope it’s a good and “non-techie” one for you too! 😉