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Holiday Cookbook Sale 2017!

I have a limited supply of my first print cookbook: Not Just for Vegetarians, on sale for the rest of November and all of December.

You can read all the details here.

Makes a great gift idea!

Happy Cooking and Have a Wonderful Holiday Season!!

10 Under $20: Holiday Gift Suggestion List 2015 :-)

first of
brought thoughts
of Christmas magic.
The Day, so soon to arrive.
Our expectations ran high.
Through snow days and blizzards.
Making a list and checking it twice.
Santa’s letter printed and ready to mail.
Christmas baking: heady, wonderful aromas.
Pageants at school, with costumes of many colors.
The tall lush evergreen, centerpiece of the season.
We decorated so carefully; each bough lovingly adorned.
With some old, some new, every one used and none forgotten.
The long days of dark December. Finally, homework complete.
Sitting in the darkened living room; time alone to drift away.
Marvelling at the masterpiece of lights and shining ornaments.
Gazing far beyond to the bliss to follow. Hurry, hurry, hurry!
Christmas eve: midnight mass and carolling.Treats aplenty!
Then the long awaited, special treasures.
The secrets of shining boxes and ribbons.
Finally revealed and always worth the wait.
Off to sleep, to dream of a perfect snowy Christmas Day.
Now content, to still remember these childhood memories.
November day.


This is a Christmas-themed poem that I wrote, several years ago.
These lines still conjure up some wonderful holiday memories for me, from long ago. I hope you enjoy it too. ūüėČ


My Holiday Gift Suggestion List for 2015 (all under $20) including links to my reviews.

                TCM Greatest Classic Films Collection: Hitchcock Thrillers (Suspicion / Strangers on a Train / The Wrong Man / I Confess)

TCM: Hitchcock Thrillers DVD

A must-have DVD collection for the “Hitch” fan on your list!


The Power of Reiki

One of the best books on Reiki I’ve ever read!¬†

Down & Dirty (gardening book)

My all-time fav gardening book.

Fun and Easy Gardening for even the “green thumb challenged“! ūüėČ

Crafting with Cat Hair  >^^<

A Mr. Cheddar Approved Title! 

Never Too Late to Go Vegan

Enlightening and Informative. Recipes Too! 

Seven Year Pen - Bee Happy

The Seven Year Pen

Wonderful Pens! Mine Are Still Going Strong, Years Later! ūüôā

Check out our Green Gifts Guide for tons of eco-friendly seed paper gift ideas for the season.

Botanical Paperworks

Beautiful Eco-Friendly Stationary, with a Difference!

Larry Payne's Prime of Life Yoga- Immune Booster and General Conditioning - Level One

Larry Payne’s Prime of Life Yoga DVDs

Yoga CAN Be For Almost Everyone! 

Badger Sleep Balm 2 oz Tin - Lavender and Bergamot

Badger Sleep Balm

Sooooo relaxing!!! ZZZZZzzzzz…. ūüėČ

Suncoat Peelable Nail Polish Kit

My Go-To Tootsie Polish! It’s Great.


♥Happy Shopping and Holidays♥ 

Thinking About Christmas Gifts to Knit….


Discover all nine of these patterns for knitting gifts when you download this free eBook.

Get your free copy for all these lovely patterns: here

I just ♥ that white chevron bag and the ruffled wine-colored scarf.

Happy Knitting and Week!

Amazon Book “Breakthrough” on Black Friday :-)

Did you have a good time on Black Friday? Amazon sure made me smile yesterday! ūüėČ

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Happy Reading, Shopping and Cooking too!ūüôā

My Poetic Path

I was over at Amazon.com and Amazon.ca¬†yesterday morning, browsing; along with a gazillion other shoppers and to my surprise and delight, 2 of my books/eBooks were on 3 Top 100 PAID lists! ūüôā

Here’s a screenshot from around 9AM on Black Friday, over atAmazon.comfrom the:

Top 100 Paid List for Vegetarian Cookbooks:

The Groovy Green Kitchen on Black Friday 2014 at 9 AM

The Groovy Green Kitchen: Weeknight Veggie Slow Cooker was at #75. 

Not number 1 but heh on a Paid List, especially on Black Friday, I‚Äôll take it. ūüėČ


It’s a rare honor/treat to end up on any Top 100 List at Amazon, especially the paid lists considering the millions of books that are available at Amazon. I wasn’t able to see if I moved up any further later in the day as I was out and about with a lot of errands to do, but it sure was a nice way…

View original post 133 more words

Handmade and Heartfelt Holiday Gifts!

gift ideas 2013

I ♥ handmade and heartfelt gifts, to give and to receive.

Made with ‚ô•, special and one of a kind gifts. Also, giving of our time, in big and small ways. Treasures and memories that will be enjoyed and remembered for years to come.

Gotta¬†‚ô• all those reasons and more. ūüėČ

On the eve of Black Friday, I thought I’d share some suggestions here at Veggies…for easy to make handmade gifts and other ideas, just in time for Christmas.

What is your fav handmade gift that you’ve made for someone or received?


From the kitchen:

Easy Chocolate Hazelnut Clusters

Slow Cooker Party Mix

The BEST Gingersnap Cookies

Spicy Honey Almonds


Knit and Crochet:

52 Free Dishcloth Patterns 

Some Lovely Knit Shawls

Five Spring Knit Cowls

How to Knit Socks and an Easy Peasy Pattern


 Giving of Your Time and Talents

(the most special gifts of all, IMO) ūüôā

-Volunteer to read to someone on a regular basis who is blind or vision impaired.

-Spend a day exploring winter’s wonderland with a child in need. Perhaps a way to also give a single parent a much-needed break.

-Befriend a older person at a care home who has no family or friends that regularly visit.

-Knit prayer shawls and give them to recipients personally, throughout the year.

Offer to help a neighbor who is living alone with some household chores like: snow shoveling, small home repairs, bringing over a fresh plate of cookies…There are a lot of lonely people out there and the holiday season is a particularly difficult time for many people.

-Volunteer to take calls at a local crisis center.

-Volunteer to help with a local literacy program.

-Plan small gifts to give as random acts of kindness: to people you meet on the streets, delivery people, letter carriers, clerks at stores you regularly shop at…and watch their faces light up with your thoughtful gesture.

Some suggestions: Coffee cards, a stack of fresh cookies tied up in a small gift bag, lip balms to help with winter chapped lips, simple hand-knit scarves, good-quality chocolate bars.


Christmas Gifts With Mason Jars

***I’ve always¬†loved Mason jar crafts/gifts!***

Check out this post at: Twines & Vines for some beautiful, last minute handmade gift ideas. :<)

Happy Weekend and Crafting!

Need a Last Minute Crochet Gift to Make?

christmas crochet gifts

I’ve always¬†‚ô• making (and getting!) handmade gifts, at any time of year.¬†

There’s something so special about a present that someone took the time to make, large or small and in whatever type of craft it was created from.

I also¬†‚ô• crochet, although I haven’t been doing that much “hooking” ūüėČ in the past year. I hope to get back to more crochet projects in 2014.

I found this short but well done Christmas crochet book:

Christmas Crochet Done In a Day 

over at Amazon recently and decided to give it a try.


Here’s my review from Amazon:

Christmas Crochet: Done In a Day features attractive holiday crochet projects that definitely would be doable in a day or two.

IMO, there is nothing better than handmade gifts at any time of year. The crafts in this book would make excellent holiday gifts that would be well received by the recipient.

Instructions are easy to understand.

In spite of it being a rather small book, there are projects that would appeal to young and old, two and four- legged pals too!

As an avid and long-time crocheter, I’m glad I downloaded a copy of Christmas Crochet: Done In A Day.”


If you’d still like to make some crochet Christmas crafts but need a little inspiration, give this ebook a try. And do let me know what you make!

Happy Hooking and Holidays! ūüėČ

Looking for a Quick Knit Gift to Make?

kindle cover for post 1

This pattern post¬†has been getting quite a few hits lately, based on my stats, so thought I’d feature this easy knit project again, here at Veggies.. just in time to make for Christmas.

 I made the one pictured above and am working on a couple for gifts right now too.

What I really like about this cover is not only how it looks but how protective it is too. Nice and thick because of the seed stitch used throughout, so it really cushions the ereader; unlike some of the other ereader cover patterns and even the commercial covers, that are available.

This pattern was one that I found over at Ravelry.

Laura, the designer has graciously provided a PDF of the pattern: Kindle_Cover

kindle cover for post 2

Just seed/moss stitch throughout, knitting in the round  (p the k and k the p) to form this lovely, textural yarn fabric.

I used some wool from my stash. The yarn color shown is Fire Tweed by Lopi.

The only thing I am¬†changing this time¬†is to make it an inch shorter than the pattern. If you decide to make one of these, measure your own ereader and make the cover (up to flap) just¬†1/2″ more¬†¬†than¬†the length of your ereader so it fits snugly. It will stretch a bit too, with repeated use.

Another tip, if using a wool yarn for this project, DO give it a soak in a wool/delicate¬†wash detergent¬†after making the cover and before using it, to soften up the yarn. I used Eucalan (click to read my review of that great product) and it softened up this¬†yarn beautifully. Wool yarns can be a bit rough and you wouldn’t want to scratch the screen of your ereader.

Who needs to spend $20. +¬†¬†for one of those generic ereader covers?¬†ūüėČ

And handmade gifts are always so special.  

Happy Knitting! ūüôā

20 Great Holiday Gift Ideas Under $20 !



to use for veggies!-crop


I just posted this year’s 20 gift ideas under $20, over at My Real Life Reviews.

I hope you find the list helpful with your own holiday shopping!

Happy Holidays! ūüôā

January Update….

Hello again! It’s great to be back to post here at Veggies...

I’ve missed¬†blogging and¬†I’m really¬†looking forward to visiting you all again soon.

As I mentioned previously, I have been working on a number of projects and goals that I want to complete for 2011. January has already been a very good start to the year.

¬†I’ve been keeping a yearly goal plan and also one for each month. January’s projects have all been checked off, except for one project to go and that should be a quickie! ūüėČ I’ve still got a few days to finish.

I really think this is the kind of goal-setting that’s going to continue to work for me. Workable and at the same time enough of a challenge to make it interesting.

So, what are some of the things I got completed and/checked off my goal list for January?

  • committed and kept to a regular exercise plan
  • chose all the poems I want to include in a collection I am working on
  • 1 crochet project (1 to go) for the crochet book I’ve had on the back-burner for too long quite a while
  • set-up my new review blog (more about that below)
  • various proposals and local projects¬†that are still in the works (again more to come on these)

So, not too shabby for a good start to the new year!

Speaking of my new review blog. It’s now a reality at: My Real Life Reviews

Hope you’ll stop by soon and often. Please add me to your blogroll: www.myreallifereviews.com¬†and do spread the word.

I’ve been wanting to start a review blog for¬†a long time. In recent months I’ve also¬†had a number of emails/requests from companies and individuals asking me if I’d be interested in reviewing their products.These requests have been¬†another nudge/reminder¬†for me to ¬†finally get this new blog up and running. ¬†I also have written several reviews in the past here at Veggies…and My Poetic Path, that I’ll be sharing over at My Real Life Reviews.

I’ve ¬†always¬†found ¬†it so helpful to check out reviews for products I’m interested in, before buying or when considering which brand/type to chose. I hope you’ll find my reviews helpful and informative. Mr. Cheddar will also be helping (natch) and has already designated himself as blog author for all products feline-related. I’m certainly ok with that!

I’m still getting use to Blogger after being with¬†WordPress for such a long time. It’s been fun and a bit of a challenge but I think the “bones” of the blog are looking pretty good. Now to get those posts¬†written and the sidebar filled up!

As my new¬†blog header says re: the products I’ll be featuring: SOME GOOD, SOME OK and SOME….JUST PLAIN BAD!

I’ll end up today with a big thanks to Ruinwen for the beautiful goodie package (which also included¬†natural soap and a scrub)¬†that arrived in the mail for me this week. I¬†was also¬†inspired to update my avatar photo after this wonderful pkg. arrived!

She knitted this lovely scarf for me and I will treasure it always: