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A Mr. Cheddar Pet Peeve Post: Scented Cat Litter

mr cheddar litter review


Read about a recent “litter crisis”…

at our place and why I don’t like scented cat litter: here.

Yes, at long last, I’m baaaaack… to writing feline product reviews.

And if I may say so myself, I’m getting even wittier and more entertaining with each passing year! 😉

 You probably didn’t think that was possible, right? Snooooortttt…

Right on and read on, oh humans and felines!

Mr. Cheddar: He’s Back on Bug Patrol! ;<)

 ched and the bug crop

Unfortunately for Mr. Cheddar, it’s been rather “slim pickin’s” this summer, when it comes to bugs to catch and


(reaction will depend on your species) 😉

to eat!

I’m sure my feline readers can relate to the delicacies of a nice fat bug !! 

But he has enjoyed a few culinary “delights” in the past few weeks.

And he keeps our apartment, BUG FREE. I ♥ that! 🙂

Happy Weekend from me and Mr. Cheddar.

He’s still a FEARLESS BUG WARRIOR extraordinaire! 😉

Beached Ched! ;<)

mr cheddar in the sand


now where did those kids go with that plastic shovel?

Oh Ched!!!

You do get yourself into some tight spots, don’t ya! 😉


Mr. Cheddar’s Got a Big Surprise Coming Soon! :<)

surprise ched

We are hoping to add a new feline to the family, in the near future.

Mr. Cheddar has missed dear Mitzi (click to read more about Mitzi and a poem I wrote for her) so much.

Dear Mitzi went to Cat Heaven back in 2009 after sharing 21 wonderful years (yes, 21!!!) with me and 8 of those with Joe too. 

Cheddie has been so patient, waiting for a new pal to share his adventures with. But the wait, is almost over.

Stay tuned for exciting feline updates, coming soon! 😉

A Mr. Cheddar Haiku: Back on Bug Patrol!

It’s official! Bug Season has arrived  and earlier than expected this year.

Mr. Cheddar, Fearless Bug Warrior is once again back on Bug Patrol. 😉

He already caught and ate a couple of “juicy” flys in the past couple of days. Yummm….Goooood eatin’ 😉

FYI, I did check with our amazing vet re: cats eating bugs and she assured me that it’s fine for them, in moderation. Mr. Cheddar usually only partakes of 2-3 bugs in any given week (that I know about!) as he is a house feline.

Thankfully NO grasshoppers, as was the case with my other cats, when they had access to a back yard. Yuck! 😦 Sometimes they’d bring them to the back door as “a gift” too. 😉

Hope you enjoy this encore haiku and photo from the fab Mr. Cheddar.

He’s a happy camper now that Bug Season is here once again. 😉

Dream Big…It Just Might Happen! :<)


Some great advice from the fabulous Mr. Cheddar! 🙂

A Mr. Cheddar Haiku: Charisma!

mr cheddar haiku osi

Haven’t written a Mr. Cheddar Haiku in quite a while.

Thought this week’s  One Single Impression prompt: Charisma was a purrrrfect opportunity. 🙂

PS: Mr. Cheddar also has a new review posted over at My Real Life Reviews

 re:  the Jiffy Cat Grass Kit  aka Ched’s Personal Salad Bar. 😉

Have a wonderful week!

Ched Perkie: Feline P.I. !!! ;<)

ched perkie

Mr. Cheddar has been exploring some intriguing employment options for the new year.

He’s considering becoming a private eye!

What do you think? He certainly suits the costume. 🙂  

Mr. Cheddar is such a perkie guy and he can definitely get into those hard to reach places where other investigators would fear to tread.

Call Ched Perkie: Feline PI!

That’s fifty kibbles a day, plus expenses. 😉

Mr. Cheddar: You Are My Sunshine!

Mr. Cheddar loves to nap in the sunshine.

We’ve had quite a few sunny days recently and I managed to snap this pic of Ched, soaking up the rays!

He’s always my “Sunshine Boy” and he always makes me smile. 😉

Happy Week from me and Mr. Cheddar! 🙂

Classic Ched: A Photo Gallery

I am temporarily without a camera (that works that is!). The rechargeable Nikon batteries that came with it, finally went kaput! I’ve been checking out replacements for this that are equivalent as the Nikon ones are a whooping $70. plus to buy locally!!! For 2 AA batteries, I think not.

In the meantime, thought I’d share some Classic Cheddar pics, complete with Ched comments.

Hope you enjoy this encore browse of our big orange guy. 😉

I’ve said it many times before….ISN”T HE A DOLL!


Meowmie, I’m trying to take a sun-nap!!!


This ain’t a bad spot to “hang out”!


Snort, snort….this coat is not so black anymore, is it!!


Aren’t I a handsome dude?


Catching up on world feline reports!


How’s this for cat yoga?


Sleeping Beauty! (ok, Ched didn’t caption this one)


I’m ready for my close-up!


Old Morris had nothing on me! Except maybe the 9-Lives part.

Happy Tuesday. 🙂