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Every time I look at this photo, I smile!

It goes without saying, this is definitely a Mr. Cheddar approved reblog.

Thanks to Hands on Bowie, one of mine and Chedster’s new fav blogs.

Happy Labor Day Weekend! :<)

Hands on Bowie & Jimi

Keep your paws dry. Mr. Bowie, here’s a reality check: if you are out there in wet conditions—which could entail heavy rain showers, dew-soaked grass or melting snow—your paws are going to get wet. So-called “waterproof” paw-wear will not keep your paws dry. Don’t believe advertisements that make such claims. They are false.


I came in from the wilderness, a creature void of form.
“Come in,” she said, “I’ll give you shelter from the storm.”

“Shelter from the Storm” – Bob Dylan

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