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Fairly Easy Fair Isle Finally Finished!

Well, my Fairly Easy Fair Isle Cardigan is FINALLY finished! ūüôā

I’ve been planning to knit and then knitting this sweater for a loooong time.

I had some issues with the pattern as I blogged about previously here and of course, the “button hunt” that I blogged about here.

Speaking of the buttons, aren’t these perfect?

Thanks again to Brenda. You found a perfect size and match.

And how hard it was to do just that. I did a LOT of searching for buttons myself, to no avail and had other people looking for me too. Amazing, how hard it was to find the right buttons.

Fairly Easy Fair Isle

In progress.

I decided to block it just like a wool project, to straighten out all the edges. Worked fine:

Back view. I even impressed myself LOL. ūüėČ :

Buttons, buttons, I’ve finally got the buttons. ūüôā

Taaaa daaa….

I’m quite happy with how the sweater turned out.

Yes, I think it would have been even nicer in a wool yarn as the pattern suggested,¬†but I’m ok with how the Jiffy looks, albeit not quite as lush as wool always is. I’m trying to use non-animal based yarns now, whenever possible, that’s why I chose Lion Brand Jiffy for this project.

I would attempt another Fair Isle knit in the future. An easy one that is! It was fun working with all the color yarns and I learned a lot as I progressed with this sweater.

It’s been so hot here, I haven’t even tried it on yet but I think it will fit just fine. Should be nice and toasty for Autumn.

Maybe good for a new avatar photo too! ūüėČ

Happy Crafting!

PS: WordPress blogger ???

Anyone know how to keep line spaces in a post, when using WP? I put in spaces and when I come back to that place on the page, they are no longer there. I don’t know why this happens over and over, but it sure is annoying. ūüė¶¬†

Cardigan Update and the Button Search Continues!

March 31st update: The button search is over! Hooray. Finally found two sets (both possibilities) over at Ebay of all places.

This is one amazing button site: Must Love Buttons . Very reasonable prices too.

I’ll post a pic when my cardigan is complete with buttons, hopefully the mail won’t take too long. ūüôā


I’ve finished all the knitting (except for the front button bands) on my Fairly Easy Fair Isle Cardigan. Woohooo! ūüôā

Unfortunately, the quest to find buttons to finish this sweater and be able to actually wear it, continues.

I did receive the buttons I blogged about previously, shown here:

…that I had hoped to use. They just don’t look right with this sweater.


The green is pretty but not a good match with the actual contrast yarn I was trying to match. Also, they are made from shells and are very thin. Will have to use these elsewhere.               

So now I’m looking for buttons that will match the main color.

This swatch is quite accurate in terms of the dusty pink yarn I used:

I need at least 6 (preferably a couple of extra ones too) in a 1″ size. Not too thin but not coat buttons either.

Again, I thought this would be easy to find. Not so far. ūüė¶

I’ve checked online at several sites and no luck.

¬†If anyone can suggest a site or have buttons in their stash¬†to sell¬†etc…please let me know.

I did note some of these cardigans at a few blogs, finished with flower (daisy) shaped buttons and that was nice too.

Spring is almost here. I want to wear this sweater sooner than later lol!

Finally…. Fairly Easy Fair Isle!

Back in 2010 I wrote this post re: the Fairly Easy Fair Isle cardigan from Stitch and Bitch Nation, that I wanted to make.

Well, I finally am!

This is a cardigan that has been very popular around the knitting blogs for a long time and a pattern that is apparently a good way to start working with Fair Isle designs. This is my first attempt at any project like this and I admit, I’m a bit overwhelmed at this point, at the thought of actually getting it done.

But, I’ve tackled other patterns in the past that I thought would be¬†challenging and I managed to work my way through to the end, most times.

And what a great feeling it is to ace a pattern that IS a challenge! ūüôā

I am going to need some help with reading/working¬†the colorworks charts for the yoke and sleeves of this cardigan. The knitting and construction itself, no problem. If anyone is reading this who did make this cardigan, I’d really appreciate any pointers and tips you could send my way. I am an absolute Fair Isle novice but not for long!!!

Here’s a photo of one of these cardigans in darker colors:

I went with spring colors for myself and in a¬†yarn from synthetic¬†fibers. I’m using Lion Brand Jiffy and I’m actually very happy with the quality of this yarn. I am trying to transition away from using wool and silk yarns these days. The cruelty aspect of¬†production of these types of natural fibers, has really turned me off from wanting to use them. I love wool but I don’t love¬†how¬†many sheeps are treated to produce¬†this product.

I choose these colors, what do you think?¬†Made me think of spring! ūüėȬ†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†


Main Color: Jiffy Dusty Pink

The photo makes the color look a bit brighter than it is.

It’s actually a very pretty dusty rose color.

Main and contrast colors for Fair Isle design

I’m starting with the sleeves as they are worked on straight needles. I need to get another long circular needle to work the body of the sweater. And speaking of the circulars, I’ve gone over this pattern 3 times and I can’t see where the shorter circular needle is actually required? I’m not going to buy that one for now.

If anyone knows of a good site to view Fair Isle tutorials and how to read a chart, do let me know, thank you!  I need all the help I can get.

Wish me luck! ūüôā

Your (Knitting) Opinion Please!

I’ve been planning to make this Fair Isle cardigan from Stitch and Bitch for a LONG time. I had started the pattern in a Lopi tweed but realise now that the Fair Isle pattern will look lost, amidst the flecks in the yarn. It’s time for some serious frogging. ūüė¶

I’m now considering making this pattern in a cotton yarn. This way, it would be wearable indoors and for most of the year. Making it in wool would result in a very toasty sweater, that I probably wouldn’t¬†wear much. I’ve got oodles of very warm sweaters already, most of them languishing in boxes and at the back of the closet.

What do you think? Would a heavy-worsted weight cotton be appropriate for this cardigan?


I love the coral or the crimson perhaps for the main color.

¬†I noted this beautiful yarn called: Replay by Tahki¬†on the back of the latest Patternworks catalog and thought it might work for this sweater. Not sure though. Let me know what you think. And thanks in advance for any¬†advice! This will probably take me a while to finish (my first Fair Isle!) I want to be sure I’m going to wear it, a lot! ūüėČ

I was¬†browsing¬†several yarn company’s patterns the other day and came across the wonderful selection of FREE patterns, also over at Tahki Stacy Charles.If you haven’t visited already, definitely worth a look.

So often I find the free patterns offered at yarn sites, seem to be mediocre, sometimes downright sad and a very limited selection. Not the case here.

I also took a look at the latest edition of their Urban Organics  wow! Just in time for summer knitting too.

Have you tried any of the Tahki Stacy Charles¬†patterns? I’d love to know about/see your results if you have.

Cardigan photo courtesy of: Flickr.

Yarn color chart: Tahki, Stacy,Charles

Yarn swap, fitness challenge and a recipe too!

Wow, it’s only Tuesday and I’m finding time to do a post; that makes for a nice change!

First of all in yarn news:

¬†I’m wondering if anyone (or perhaps you can suggest, a site/blog) out there is interested in doing a yarn swap?

I find myself in possession of 5 skeins (100 gr./67 yards in each) of this lovely Bulky Lopi in Cordovan ( a rich burgundy shade, as in the throw photo, not purple):

I have no further use for now. I did have other ideas for projects for this yarn when I first purchased (2 bags/ 20 skeins) but decided to make this lovely throw instead:

Leaving me with the remaining 5 skeins¬†(which can’t be returned as they were sold as a 10 skein bag/unit price).

Do let me know if any of you have other yarn you might want to swap this for and I will be happy to consider.

Speaking of my WIP’s….

 Right now, I am in need of small amounts of 2 of the contrast colors for my Fairly Easy Fair Isle, which I am making in this tweed Lopi as the main color.

I already have a solid red, still need to get a orangey-yellow shade¬†and also a aqua/green shade to go with. The yarn doesn’t have to be the exact same type as this Alafoss Lopi but it does have to be¬†a chunky weight in wool.

The two end colors in this photo (no longer available on Flickr)¬†are¬†close to what I’m looking for, but in a chunky weight yarn. This lite Lopi(as in the above photo)¬†is too thin (I don’t want to double up strands either)¬†and unfortunately these shades aren’t available in the regular chunky-weight Lopi (go figure)!

I’m guessing that I need about 2-2.5 oz. of EACH contrast color, to complete the pattern section of this cardigan. From what I’ve been reading on the Internet, everyone who has made this cardigan ended up with quite a bit left from the contrast color yarns they purchased.

¬†So, if there’s anyone out there who would love to move some of their stash (and hopefully also could help with my need for these contrast colors too) it would be great to hear from you! I’m open to considering¬†any yarn you want to swap. The small amount of contrast colors above would only be part of what I’d be interested in.

My new blog: My Poetic Path is turning out to be a wonderful experience for me and I am so encouraged by the number of visitors¬†already stopping by. I’m working on a new poem ¬†to post later today, so hope you will stop in for a visit soon. I am also ‘meeting’ many other¬†poets who blog, another real plus of this new venture.

I know I’ve said it again and again but… isn’t blogging great!!! Ya gotta do it, to get it, don’t ya????!!!¬†

¬†I still get people asking me (do you?) ‘what’s a blog’¬†¬†?

Is that amazing or what?¬†¬†¬† ūüėČ

With spring already here in BC (wow, that’s a big difference for mid-March compared to¬†the Canadian Prairies from where we previously lived) thoughts of getting outdoors and more fitness pursuits come to mind.

Wondering if there would be an interest in starting a fitness challenge  progress,weekly log, something like that, that several of us could encourage each other, to keep going and get more fit?

What do you think?

I’d be happy to put something together, here on Veggies… if the interest was there. Kind of like a ‘I Knit and I’m Fit’ sort of¬†project (knitting optional¬†if this is a go, of course) and¬†starting from now.

Let me know if you’d be interested in participating (leave a comment or email me). Thanks!

It would be entirely up to you what kinds of exercise and times per week, etc¬†you’d want to commit to. More as a way of keeping motivated, keeping a record of progress.

Best of all, giving each other encouragement to go, go go……..even when the going gets tough, motivation lags or the¬†weather is not cooperating!!!

¬†I’ll finish off with a recipe for a great ‘pick-me-up, before a walk/run treat’:

Tahini Terrific No-Bake Energy Bars from NJFV featured in an earlier post.

These delicious, nutritious bars continue to be very popular in terms of the many visitors to this post.

I have yet to find any other energy bars (commercial ones included) that provided more ‘get up and go’ in every single bite. Do hope you will give them a try.

Bonus, they taste great too and have been kid-approved!!!

Huggs and wishing you a wonderful week, G¬†¬†¬†¬†¬† ūüôā