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No-Bake Energy Bar Recipe

**I made another batch of these Energy Bars the other night and thought I’d share the recipe here again.**

They make a great snack or breakfast on the go!

Happy Cooking and Week to All 🙂




With outdoor activities increasing for many of us now as the days warm up and the snow melts away,  I thought it would be a good idea to re-post this recipe for these easy to make and very yummy energy bars.

A sweet and satisfying treat!

 If you are a fan of  Eat-More or Cliff bars, you will love this recipe, a nutritious and delicious redo.

Very satisfying, one of these bars provides a lot of energy but not too filling. Vegan-friendly too.


My apologies for the less than perfect photo. 😦  It’s the taste that counts, right? 😉

See page 2 for complete recipe.

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More News About Power/Snack/Energy/Nutritional Bars

Here’s a recent  post from my product review blog: My Real Life Reviews with some important information about questionable processing methods/ingredients used in a number of popular nutritional/snack bars.  😦    Also includes links to some homemade alternatives for making your own snack bars that are: easy to make, healthier, oh so tasty and cheaper too.

And another “eye-opener” on this topic from: Natural News

It really is worth the time and effort to make as much as you can  “from scratch” whenever possible and for so many reasons! 🙂

If you have a good recipe for a homemade snack/nutritional bar, please share a link if you can!

Happy Snacking, 🙂  AND Buyer Beware! 😦

Homemade Energy Bars vs Commercial Choices

I was doing a search today for good/tasty/healthy energy bar options.

Wow, there’s a lot of junk out there that is being hyped as the answer to this ongoing (and for so many people) culinary/snack quest.

Most of the commercial bars that I checked out either looked yucky and tasteless and/or they had ingredient lists that left much to be desired. 😦

I did find these energy bar recipes over at the Rodale Press site that actually look good.  Very simple combos of healthier ingredients, in flavours that sound appealing too: Raw Lemon-Coconut Bars, Chocolate Cashew Cookie Bars, Apple Pie Bars…to name a few.

I’m going to give these a try soon, need to get some ingredients to test out a couple of these recipes. But they do sound like good alternatives to some of the commercial energy bar offerings that are currently available.

Anyone know of a good commercial energy bar? Do tell! 😉

And do let me know if you give any of these recipes a try too.

Happy Snacking! 🙂