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The Diet to End all Diets!

Well, never say never. I am finally giving another diet a try. And I am feeling so good about it and so confident that I will succeed long-term this time that  I’ve decided to share my experience here at Veggies…

I think as this post  title says, I have finally found the “diet to end all diets”. 

I have NEVER tried any other diet that has been so effortless and yet so effective. I’m on my second week already and have already dropped about 5 pounds. I’m hoping for 20 in total, to get back into my fav jeans and say goodbye to my chubby cheeks, all four of them! LOL.

Why is this diet so different? Let me count the ways: First of all, it’s incredibly easy to follow. No difficult or rigid recipe regimes. No feelings of deprivation. And the biggie (for me at least) NO HUNGER PANGS. It is absolutely amazing! I am now eating about half of what I regularly eat ie: sensible portions (and we do eat healthy foods for the most part in our home)  and enjoying every bite a lot more. I have also stopped snacking at night, again another breakthrough.

By regulating and stabilizing a person’s blood sugar with just a few  simple “rules” to follow, the author Seth Roberts has truly made a breakthrough in helping people who want to shed pounds and then maintain a healthy weight for good. His personal weight loss story is very inspiring and so is the fact that he has maintained his own personal goal weight for over 15 years!

If you haven’t read about this diet before and you are looking for a way to finally put all those diet failures behind you, this book is definitely worth checking out.

The reviews at Amazon speak volumes. The author also has a website with forums you might enjoy as well.

I’ll keep you posted on my progress. I have a scale on order right now ( I haven’t owned one in a long time!) so I’ll be able to accurately track my progress after I pick it up later this week. For now I do know my clothes are fitting better, my face is looking thinner (in a good way) and I am feeling great! 

Let me know if you give this diet a try or have already. I’d love to hear about your own results.