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The Internet and Inquiring Minds!


Can you (now) imagine life without the internet? Hard to, isn’t it?

 Before I had internet access at home (in 2000) I usually spent hours each week at our public library, researching various topics of interest.  As expected, although I have nothing but respect for libraries of all kinds and sizes and the resources that they provide, the reference material found on my searches were usually outdated and often not even available.

 For example, if I was looking for an address of a person in the news to write to, more often than not, there was either no address to be found or the one that I did was from years before. If I did happen to find a valid and up- to- date address, the “snail mail” wait and see for weeks afterwards was yet another delay for this inquiring mind. Just one example of how things were “way back when” LOL but it goes to show how much we take for granted now, in terms of easy and usually instant access to almost any topic you can think of.

BTW, I should mention back at the library…Later on in the late 90’s they did provide internet access but for a limited time period for each patron. And for me, it was never long enough!

All that changed with the Internet becoming available for home users and the rapid growth of the information that has become available online.  For an info-junkie such as I, quick searches via Google and other search engines for just about any topic I could ever think of, is still today, a dream come true. Inquiring minds, even at 3 in the morning will be provided for, thanks to the internet!

So, imagine my surprise, in 2006 when I Googled the name Ed Allen, and came up with nada, nothing, zilch!

 Ed Allen for those of you who never heard the name before, was an exercise guru with millions of fans/followers, back in the  60’s, 70’s and beyond. For years and years, his TV exercise show ruled the airwaves. He was big news and yet he was nowhere to be found on the internet, at least I couldn’t find anything myself.

I was curious what had happened to Mr. Allen as my mom Helen had been one of his biggest fans. I often remember sitting on the sofa watching my mom work through Ed’s routines usually from some tropical locale like the beautiful Bahamas! Good memories. We teased my mom a lot about her devotion to Ed’s routines but the results spoke for themselves. My mom was fit and trim all of her life and I’m sure that the years of exercising with Ed was part of the reason why.

After my search that came up empty, I wrote this post about Ed Allen and wow, what a response it has had. Not only has it sparked a great comment conversation (and a few comments that needed to be deleted)  the post has also had almost 8000 hits at last count.

Apparently, I wasn’t the only one asking the question: Whatever Happened to Ed Allen? And every week, they still are.

So, that’s my ramble about all things internet. What a great time to live in eh?

 What is the best thing about the internet, in your opinion?

Info-junkies and trivia buffs  of the world, united we Google!!!

Whatever happened to Ed Allen????

I know that some of my younger blog readers will be wondering right about now, ‘who the hell is Ed Allen anyways’ ….Well let me tell you and here’s hoping I’m not the only one in Blogland who remembers this long-time TV exercise super-guru.

To backtrack a few days….Joe and I were discussing (and not for the first time) the marvels of the Internet and how, no matter what time, how weird, how obscure the topic, or how dated….somewhere on the Internet, it or they will be found.

Ok, so back to my question…Whatever happened to Ed Allen?

This was a man who had a following of millions of viewers and fans, from all over the world. This was during the ( if memory serves ) 1970’s…..all the way up to the early 90’s I believe.

I can fondly remember my dear mom Helen, sweating it out in front of our little TV, doing Ed’s endless aerobic routines. And I mean faithfully, Monday to Friday, to miss was to be remiss. Ed was king when it came to exercise.

Then along came Barbie, Ed’s second wife and again, more routines, with LP’s (remember those???) and videos to follow. Barbie was the epitome of PERKY….you just couldn’t help but smile when she showed up on the set. And the set was usually somewhere on the beach in the beautiful, sunny Bahamas…wow, my kind of exercise site. Enough to get anyone doing jumping-jacks (yeah, Ed did lots of those)!

Ed even paid a visit to our city and of course my mom was there to meet the man. She was not disappointed!!!. In person he was even taller and better-looking than anticipated, or so she reported that evening. Sigh….more sweating!!! I certainly hope my dad didn’t hear those particular comments. He tended to be an (unnecessarily but nevertheless) jealous guy.

So, with all this history, what I really want to know is: WHATEVER HAPPENED TO ED ALLEN and why is he no where to be found online?

I couldn’t even provide a photo to go with this post.  I’ve tried Google and Yahoo and various celebrity and even ‘dead or alive’ sites…. nothing, nada, no Exercise Ed….where can he be? And if he has left this world, should that not also be recorded somewhere ?

So if you know, let me know. My inquiring mind wants to know. Don’t you?              🙂