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On the Menu Tonight: Groovy Green Bowls


I’m making this for supper tonight.

I NEVER tire of green bowls/rice bowls with plenty of crunchy veggies, seasoned grilled tofu and a yummy peanut sauce.

I named this version for the online/newspaper column I was hosting a while back: Groovy Green Grub.  Lack of time didn’t allow me to continue with these columns but I note they are still online at several sites. Nice to see. 🙂

 I make a sweet/sour peanut sauce with rice vinegar, organic peanut butter,tamari soy sauce and lots of spices for this. It’s the balance of sweet/sour that makes or breaks it. I stir up a bit different combo every time. A dash of this, a pinch of that…  That’s the real fun of cooking, isn’t it? Tweaking and trying out new ideas!

The only veggies that (for me) are a must in this: asparagus and broccoli. Other than that, as long as it’s crunchy and green, works for me! And I eating with chopsticks! Slows me down to enjoy every bite LOL 😉

What is your favorite rice bowl or stir-fry?