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Craving A Trip to Caketown !!!


Over at Selma In The City there’s a recent post featuring a very cool photo for a shop/cafe named Caketown. Click on through to check it out!

I thought Caketown was such a fun name!

It also got me craving a big piece of carrot cake, one of the only cakes that I now really, really like. I’m not much of a dessert fan for the most part but this cake is a definite exception.

 I’m including the link to my all-time favorite carrot cake recipe (with a not too sweet icing) too and the yummy photo below:

Try setting this one as your screensaver or desktop background. Definite yummm…factor but do not attempt to access with a fork! LOL 

What is your favorite cake? If you have a link to the recipe, please include it too.

Cakes can be such works of art as well.

My mom, Helen was a superb baker but strangely she did not like (or excel at) cooking, go figure.

 I still remember her many prize-winning exhibition / fall fair cakes and she was up against some very stiff competition and dozens and dozens of other entries most years. 

And those amazing birthday cakes that she also created year after year, that were ooohhhed and ahhhhed about by my little pals in those days. My wonderful teachers too. We invited our teachers to birthday parties back then in the early grades. I wonder if parents with young children still do that? It was a great honor/thrill for me!

Happy Baking and Weekend too. 🙂